Gardening Jobs Completed

What a lovely weekend we have just had and because my internet server was playing up I have had a fruitful time out in the garden. It’s typical that the very next weekend after all the family came over (to help with the gardening), the weather brightens up to be glorious gardening weather. So this weekend … Read more

Planting Vegetable Plants

Today has been a lovely sunny day, so I took the opportunity to plant out some of my vegetable seedlings and plants that are now ready to be planted out. Jobs completed so far today include; Planting out a row of butternut squash plants. Planting out a row of purple sprouting broccoli plants. Planting out a row of cauliflower … Read more

Planting Sweet Potatoes

On Saturday I was planting sweet potatoes. Sweet Potatoes (Ipomoea batatas) or yams are not actually a potato. If you try to plant a sweet potato like a seed potato, the sweet potato will eventually rot and not produce more potatoes. Instead of having seed potatoes to plant, the sweet potato roots are forced to form slips (a rooted cutting) … Read more