Greenhouse News

My greenhouse was given to me by some dear friends and was carefully put up by my husband. My dad laid the pavers which look fantastic and I have spent lots of hours, with my mum’s help, planting and repotting lots of seeds. News from the greenhouse is good. The pavers are stopping the weeds growing … Read more

Homegrown Radish

Homegrown radish is fabulous and this is written by someone who has never been a fan of radish, that is until I started growing radish last year and now I am hooked! I think it’s that good that I am going to grow radish in the gardening club I am running at my local school, … Read more

Balsamic Tomatoes

Soon we will be growing lots of tomatoes in the greenhouse (following the expert advice from Top Veg) and I can’t wait. The last two years I have been growing tomatoes I have learnt alot about the tomato and what to do with the harvest of green or red tomatoes. Balsamic Tomatoes is one of my … Read more

Homegrown Leeks

I have grown leeks in my vegetable garden following the advice of Top Veg and the results have been good. I am just harvesting the final leeks and I am wondering how I will prepare them. Many of the leeks have been boiled or steamed and served with the traditional roast dinner. On occasion I have made … Read more

Vegetable Gardening

Sunday was a glorious day to be out in the garden and so I decided it was time to make a start on my vegetable growing. Over the last few years I have tried to restore the vegetable garden to the former glory of my husband’s Grandad’s day. I am yet to achieve it! Here is … Read more

Homegrown Broccoli

  This year I have successfully grown purple sprouting broccoli following the Top Veg growing advice. We are currently harvesting the broccoli on a daily basis and trying new and exciting ways to serve this delicious vegetable. Last night we served the lightly steamed purple sprouting broccoli with pine nuts drizzled in melted butter and … Read more

Courgette Explosion!

How many ways can you cook a courgette? No this is not the latest joke but a question that many a Farmer’s wife will ask in their culinary lifetime! Well let me tell you, anymore than one courgette in the vegetable patch, (when positioned correctly!) means you too can answer this question! Our first Summer on the farm … Read more