What Is A Butterfly?

  A butterfly is an insect. They have 6 legs. Butterflies have 3 body parts. These insects have 2 antennae. Butterflies have overlapping scales on their wings. They are coldblooded. Butterflies begin their life as an egg which hatches into a caterpillar. The caterpillar then produces a chrysalis (pupa) which then transforms into the butterfly. … Read more What Is A Butterfly?

Garden Snail

Latin Name: Helix aspersa. Description: The garden snail is a mollusc since it is an invertebrate (no backbone) which has a soft unsegmented body with an external shell. It has a soft grey coloured body, with two pairs of tentacles on it’s head (the larger pair have eyes on their tips and the smaller pair pick up smells) and a … Read more Garden Snail


         Latin Name: Coccinella 7 punctata (7 spotted ladybird)         Description: Ladybirds are small, brightly coloured beetles. The black flying wings are covered by a hard shelled wing cover (elytra) that can be red, yellow or orange with black spots or more rarely stripes on it. They are approximately 1.2 … Read more Ladybirds

Peacock Butterfly

Latin Name: Inachis io Description: Peacock butterflies have 4 large eye spots on the upperside of a reddy / brown wing. The underside of the wing is almost black. Size: Wingspan is approximately 60 to 75mm. Habitat: Peacock butterflies can be found in meadows, country lanes, farmland, roadside verges, woodland and gardens. Food: They like to … Read more Peacock Butterfly