Factors Affecting Hedgerows

There has been a significant loss of hedgerows and decline in the length of hedgerows within the UK in the last 100 years. Factors which have contributed to this loss of hedgerows include; A reduction in traditional hedgerow management practices. Inappropriate management practices such as cutting hedgerows too frequently, or at the wrong time of year. Unsuitable mechanised … Read more

Dates For The Diary – Food And Farm Produce In The UK

Dates For The Diary National Farmhouse Breakfast Week – 20th-26th January (2008). National Potato Day – 28 January (2007). Bramley Apple Week – 4th-11th February (2007). National Chip Week – 12th-18th February (2007).  British Bacon Education Week – 19th-25th February (2007). Roast A British Chicken Weekend – 1st weekend in March. National Bread Week – 7th-13th May (2007). … Read more

Accidents And Injuries In Farming

Health and safety on the farm is an important issue which has recently been re-highlighted with the tragic news reports (March 2007) of a 12 year old boy killed whilst driving a tractor, a man killed by a cow whilst tagging the cow’s calf and a man injured with a fractured spine whilst climbing into … Read more

The Year Of Food And Farming 2007-2008

The Year Of Food And Farming is a national initiative and is to be launched in September 2007 in the UK. It aims to give children an increased awareness of where their food comes from and give them the opportunities to become more involved in food preparation and production. It also aims to provide opportunities for learning … Read more

National Chip Week In The UK 2007

National Chip Week has been held this week (12th-18th February 2007) in the UK. Events have included; Trying to set 5 different chip records in the Guiness Book Of Records. 800 chip shops across the country promoting chips. Creating positive press for chips with many articles and adverts being written and shown in magazines and … Read more

Biosecurity – Protect Your Poultry From Bird Flu

With the news of an outbreak of bird flu of the H5N1 strain in Britain, it is important that the UK poultry farmers, small-holders and henkeepers have the correct biosecurity measures in place. Food containers should be kept inside or protected from wild bird contact. Water containers should be kept indoors and protected from wild … Read more