Lily Seeds Sown

Soilman kindly sent me some lily seeds (lilium regale) last year and I have recently planted the seeds following Soilman’s excellent instructions. I have never grown lilies from seed so I look forward to seeing the results. I have just read on Soilman’s site that his seeds have germinated. I am going to head out … Read more

Winter Aconite – Green Thumb Sunday

The Winter aconite growing in my orchard has started to emerge and bloom. I caught my first glimpse of this cheery flower the other day and thought it would make a great entry for Green Thumb Sunday. I had never seen this lovely cheery plant until I moved to the farm. It would be easy … Read more

Fungi Growing On Tree Trunk – Green Thumb Sunday

I found this fungi growing on a tree trunk and thought it was an interesting colour. I am not sure what variety of fungi it is, so if anyone knows please leave a comment. Fungi On Tree TrunkFungi On Tree TrunkFungi On Tree Trunk Click on this link to view more fungi found on my … Read more

Christmas Cactus – Green Thumb Sunday

Here is my beautiful Christmas cactus. A very fitting plant with only a few days to go until Christmas day. This is the plant that I always remember from childhood. My birthday is in December and my mum and dad have had a Christmas cactus flowering in their house since I was born. Which plant … Read more

Memorial Christmas Tree – Green Thumb Sunday

The memorial Christmas tree is very important to me as it evokes a number of memories. The Christmas tree itself was the first Christmas tree that Stephen and I shared during our first Christmas together. We have planted it here on the farm so that the tree lives on and the memories of that first Christmas … Read more

What Type Of Flower Are You?

What Type Of Flower Are You? If you would like to find out what flower you are then visit This Garden Is Illegal and fill out a survey to discover which flower you are. It’s fun and interesting. Iam a I am a Snapdragon What Flower Are You? “Mischief is your middle name, but your … Read more

Fuchsia – Green Thumb Sunday

I have a fuchsia planted in a pot near my back door and this week the blooms have started to open out. I particularly like this fuchsia as it has pinky red outer petals and then white petals forming the bell shape with pinky red stigma and stamen. Do you have a favourite fuchsia? Join … Read more

Winter Hanging Basket – Green Thumb Sunday

My mum filled my hanging basket for the Winter, so thanks Mum. I think it looks lovely filled with ajuga, violas and ivy. What plants are in your hanging basket at the moment? Join Gardeners, Plant and Nature lovers can join in every Sunday, visit As The Garden Grows for more information. Ajuga Flowers Green … Read more

Autumn Flowering Crocus – Green Thumb Sunday

The Autumn flowering crocus sprung into life this week signalling the start of Autumn. I love to see the crowds of delicate crocus break through and shout that Autumn is here with their beautiful pastel pink petals waving in the Autumnal breeze, or gale force winds if you live in the North East of England … Read more