A Wash With Colour – Green Thumb Sunday

This week England has had some pretty heavy rain showers and although some of the plants and flowers have taken a hammering, the garden is still a wash with colour. I love the way each of these flowers have raindrops glistening on their leaves and petals. Despite the wet weather the beauty of the garden … Read more

Delphiniums – Green Thumb Sunday

Two years ago I bought a delphinium from the garden centre only to find that once planted it was eaten by slugs and snails. So once eaten, twice shy as they say! Last year I therefore decided to have a go at growing delphiniums from seed. I am pleased to say that it was a success. Here … Read more

Roses – Green Thumb Sunday

I am very lucky to have lots of roses in my garden. Some that have been inherited from my husband’s Grandma and some that have been bought as gifts for us. So without further ado, let me introduce the star of my garden – the rose. I hope you enjoyed looking at the many roses … Read more

The Iris – Green Thumb Sunday

The beautiful iris stands proud and tall in the garden like a regimented soldier.   Whenever I see the iris I am reminded of my Gran and Grandad’s garden in Hull. They always had an array of iris plants in full bloom. So when I saw mine in bloom for the very first time this … Read more

The Peony – Green Thumb Sunday

  The peony is a perennial that has beautiful large flower blossoms that bring cascades of colour to the garden. The flowers blossom and fade away all too quickly so this colourful majestic plant must be treasured whilst the flowers are full bloom. I am lucky enough to have inherited a number of peony plants in my … Read more

Aquilegia – Columbine

The aquilegia is a Summer flowering perennial. This plant is more commonly known as the columbine. It has green, rounded, fern like leaves. The flowers are large, delicate, bell shaped flower heads which come in a variety of colours. The flowering period is from May to June. Aquilegia plants can grow to a height of 2-3 … Read more

Purple Aquilegia – Green Thumb Sunday

Join   Here is a picture of the beautiful purple flower of the aquilegia that is currently blooming in my garden under the old cooking apple tree. I am very proud of this plant because I did not buy this aquilegia but grew it from seed. This is it’s second year of flowering and it … Read more

Green Thumb Sunday – Blogroll

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Plants For A Wildlife Pond

Plants suitable for garden wildlife ponds can be categorised into; Oxygenators. Marginal Plants. Floaters. Deep Water Aquatics. Oxygenators – these plantsare  weighted at the base so that the leaves and stems can be underwater. Water milfoil (Myriophyllum). Hornwort (Ceratophyllum demersum). Canadian waterweed (Egeria). The Collins Nature Guide:Garden Wildlife Of Britain & Europe by Michael Chinery … Read more

Poplar Trees

Poplar trees (populus) are deciduous trees. These trees will grow in any soil type. Poplars will grow in full sun or light shade. Pruning should be done in Summer when dead or unwanted branches can be removed. Cuttings and up-rooted suckers can be propagated in early Spring. One advantage to the poplar tree is that it is … Read more