Katie Thear Books On Keeping Poultry

Here at farmingfriends we are a fan of  Katie Thear’s books on keeping poultry and home incubation.

Katie Thear, who sadly died earlier this year, wrote 22 non fiction books about smallholding and keeping poultry and livestock. Katie wrote from first hand experience and her books are packed with tips and advice for the smallholder and poultry keeper.

Here are some of Katie Thear’s books about keeping poultry.

  • Keeping Quail by Katie Thear £7.95
  • Starting With Chickens By Katie Thear £6.95
  • Incubation: A Guide To Hatching And Rearing By Katie Thear £6.95
  • Starting With Ducks By Katie Thear £7.95
  • Starting With Geese By Katie Thear £7.95
  • Books About Ducks

    Farming Friends is delighted to announce that we now have books about ducks in stock. If you are a duck enthusiast, if you keep ducks or are thinking of keeping ducks then Starting With Ducks By Katie Thear, Ducks And Geese At Home By Michael Roberts and Poultry And Waterfowl Problems By Michael Roberts are books that are informative, helpful and a good read.