Foxes Spotted Near Farm

This morning my husband and I spotted 2 foxes in the field opposite our farm. It was about 8am when we saw them. The foxes seemed to be following each other. The lead fox didn’t seem to want the other fox to follow. After about 5 minutes the fox that had been following retreated behind … Read more

Friend Rescues Cockerel

I received a phone call from my friend Vicky asking me if I would like a cockerel that needed rehousing or it might end up in a pot! As much as I would have liked to have taken the cockerel in, unfortunately I wasn’t able to as my hut houses my hens, guinea fowl and … Read more

Hen With Yellow Discharge And Diarrhea

Determining an illness or disease by a hens droppings can be difficult, but the droppings can be a tell tale sign that a hen is not well. I received an email from one of my readers asking about a hen having yellow discharge and diarrhea. I have a hen with a yellow discharge and diorrhea. … Read more

Double Yolked Eggs

A double yolked egg is an egg that has two yolks. It is caused by two eggs separating from the ovary at the same time and joining into one egg. Double yolked eggs can be fairly rare. They are sometimes produced by pullets in their first year of laying. Double yolked eggs can be produced … Read more

Hen Missing Overnight

When a hen goes missing overnight, it could be due to a number of reasons; Gone broody and sitting on nest of eggs. Injured or sick and can’t make it back to the hut. Killed by predator. Misjudged the light and didn’t make it back so roosting elsewhere. Last week one of my elderly hens … Read more

Snow Stops Play, Poultry Play!

Late this morning it started to snow and the snow began to settle pretty quickly. My poultry were out free ranging and I knew that my guinea fowl would not like snow and would eventually fly up into the trees to roost so that they didn’t have to walk in thick snow. So I dashed out to … Read more

Turkey Litter

Does anyone have experience of keeping turkey‘s and know the best litter to keep growing turkeys on, as I recently received a comment on my forum from Lablanc asking about this, I’m keeping a few Turkeys for christmas again, and every year I have this disagreement with my farther in law about the bedding in … Read more