Breeds Of Chickens – Egg Layers Or Meat Production

Chickens are bred for different purposes. Some are breed solely for their meat, others their egg production and some for dual purpose. Dual Purpose Breeds Rhode Island Red New Hampshire Plymouth Rock Wyandotte Orpington Light Sussex Australorp Marans Dominique Houdan Langshan Dorking  Layers Leghorn Wyandotte Araucana Minorca Australorp Marans Dorking Langshan Dominique Delaware Meat Birds … Read more

Deciding To Keep Poultry

Keeping poultry is my hobby and gives me great pleasure as well as the added bonus of fresh eggs on a daily basis. However looking after poultry, like any livestock or pets for that matter, takes time, effort and commitment. Things to consider before keeping poultry. Do you have time to feed, water and egg collect … Read more

White Leghorn Chickens

  A light breed. Originally exported from the Italian port of Leghorn. Good egg layers. Lay white eggs. Not recommended for their meat. At maturity they weigh approximately 1.5/2kg. Female leghorns have a folded single comb. Female leghorns can mix with Guinea Fowl. HattyHatty