Photo Hunt : Theme Paper

I like to link the photo hunt theme to farming in some way so the paper theme was going to be a real challenge. Then I remembered I had photographed the farming puzzles and colouring sheets I have created on paper. If you would like to download any of these farming activities I have created on paper … Read more

Mystery Animal Puzzle

Mystery Animal Puzzle  Can you guess the identity of the mystery animals in the pictures?                 Look at the photographs carefully for clues to the identity of the animals. Click on the pictures to enlarge the image for a better look! At the bottom of the page you will find an alphabetical list of the mystery … Read more

Naming Arable Crops Contest

What is an arable crop? An arable crop is a plant (cereal, fruit or vegetable) that is cultivated for food or other uses, on ploughed land. How many arable crops can you name? Can you name 30 or more? Have a go at naming arable crops in the contact form below and the reader who … Read more

A Farming Friends Logic Puzzle

I really enjoy working out logic puzzles so I thought I would have a go at creating one about Farming Friends. Read the following clues and work out which visitor saw which animal in different parts of the farm which are not the animals usual home. Pat and her family all visit the Farming Friends … Read more

A Farm Animals Wordsearch

Can you find the names of different farm animals and all their family names in the wordsearch? Have a go today and have some fun along the way!   Click on the links below for the wordsearch and the solution. A Farm Animals Wordsearch A Farm Animals Wordsearch Solution

A Crossword All About Eggs

Fancy checking out your knowledge of egg facts? Then have a go at the ‘eggcellent’ crossword! Read the articles on eggs to find out some of the answers in the crossword. Cooking With Eggs How To Test If An Egg Is Fresh The Nutritional Value Of An Egg

Farmyard Sounds – The Answers

Here are the answers to the farmingfriends farmyard sounds. Farmyard Sound 1 = female guinea fowl call. Farmyard Sound 2 = pigs grunting and squealing. Farmyard Sound 3 = pigs eating. Farmyard Sound 4 = sugarbeet loading into trailer. Farmyard Sound 5 = harvesting sugarbeet. Farmyard Sound 6 = tractor ploughing field. Farmyard Sound 7 = silage feeder. Farmyard Sound 8 … Read more