Japanese Quail Eggs In Incubator

I filled my hovabator incubator with 42 Japanese quail eggs about 15 days ago. Japanese quail eggs take approximately 17 days to hatch. This morning I took the automatic egg turner out of the incubator and filled up the water trays to increase the humidity. After lunch I thought I could hear some cheeping coming … Read more

Quail Egg Markings

Did you know that an individual quail hen is supposed to lay eggs with the same or similar markings everytime? I read this a while ago but wasn’t sure if it was the case as it’s hard to tell when you have a lot of quail which quail hen is laying which egg. I do … Read more

Quail Leave The Farm

Recently I had an enquiry from someone wanting some quail to put in their aviary with their other birds. Quail are a good bird to have in an aviary as they will pick up the seeds that fall to the ground. I had four japanese quail left from the nine I had hatched recently and the … Read more

Starting With Quail For A Few Eggs

Quail are very easy to look after and they start laying eggs from about 6 weeks old. Last year I hatched some japanese quail and have 8 females and 5 males in an aviary type hut. I generally get 6-8 eggs a day from this group of quail. I put shavings or straw on the … Read more

Taming Quail Chicks

Taming quail chicks requires; Lots of time – frequent and daily contact is needed. Daily contact with the quail chicks – frequently handling, feeding, playing and talking to the chicks throughout the day. Frequent handling of the quail chicks – at least 3 times a day. Hand feeding the quail chicks – placing chick crumbs … Read more

Quail Are Sensitive To Red Clothing

Did you know that quail are sensitive to red clothing? Everytime I wear a red top and happen to go into the quail barn or aviary then the quail get spooked and start flying about. Quail also have a vertical flight when spooked which means that they fly upwards. This can be dangerous as the … Read more

Japanese Quail Eggs For Hatching For Sale

Japanese Quail Eggs For Hatching For Sale 12 Japanese / Coturnix Quail eggs suitable for hatching in an incubator or under a broody hen. Only £3 plus £4 postage and packaging. [eshop_show_product id=’5118′ class=’hilite’ panels=’yes’ form=’yes’] Eggs will be collected and posted within 3 days of receipt of order. (Please note that quail eggs can … Read more

Handling Quail Chicks

Yes you can handle quail chicks. The more that you handle them the tamer they will be if you want to have tame quail. You can start by getting the chick to eat chick crumbs from your hand. if you do try to hold the chicks you need to be careful about their legs. I … Read more