Day Old Japanese Quail Chicks

I moved the day old quail chicks from the incubator after they had been hatched for 24 hours. Quail chicks can survive without food and water in the incubator for at least 24 hours as they absorb the yolk sac just before they hatch which provides them with nutirents in the first 24 hours. I … Read more Day Old Japanese Quail Chicks

Storing Quail Eggs For Incubation

Well I am collecting and storing quail eggs for incubation as a friend wants some quail chicks for her grand-daughter. It seems that everyone is wanting quail eggs for hatching or quail chicks as I have had an email enquiry and a telephone call enquiry. I only have a 13 mixed gender quail in an … Read more Storing Quail Eggs For Incubation

The Quail Gallery

Welcome to the Quail Gallery. Here you can meet the quail on the farmingfriends farm and all of the farmingfriends quail friends we have met since the website was set up in 2006. Farming Friends Quail Quail chicks can be the size of a bumble bee when they hatch.  Here is the Farming Friends Quail Hut. The quail are free … Read more The Quail Gallery