Salmon, Avocado And Quail Egg Salad

Ingredients 1 or 2 salmon fillets grilled 8 quail eggs hard boiled 1 ripe avocado 4 to 6 cherry tomatoes one quarter of a cucumber 1 little gem lettuce 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar pinenuts Method Grill the salmon, cool and flake. Hard boil the quail eggs for 3 minutes, then cool, peel and cut … Read more

Pickled Quail Egg Recipe

I have over hundred laying quail which are laying lots of quail eggs, so I have decided to pickle some quail eggs. At the moment I am experimenting with different ingredients and different types of vinegars to try to perfect a recipe that could be put on the market. Pickled Quail Eggs Ingredients Quail eggs Vinegar … Read more

Scrambled Quail Eggs

Scrambled Quail Eggs with Seasonal Greens On Fried Bread Ingredients 6 quail eggs. Dash of double cream or milk. Slice of bread. Knob of butter. Seasonal Greens-3/4 asparagus spears or 3/4 sprigs of purple sprouting broccoli blanched and chopped. Method Whisk the quail eggs with the cream or milk. Chop and blanch the greens. Deep … Read more

Pork Brawn – Recipe

Last week I made pork brawn and was unsure of the results but I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised. Ingredients 1 pig’s head a couple of trotters – preferably back trotters as they have a little more meat on them. 1 bay leaf mixed herbs mixed spices 1 onion lemon juice Method … Read more

Quail Egg Salad

There are many recipes for quail egg salad, so here is my first attempt! Ingredients 6 hard boiled quail eggs. 1 or 2 tomatoes. Chopped lettuce. 1 piece of bread toasted and cut into squares. To make the sweet and sour dressing. 2 and a half table spoons of virgin olive oil. 1 clove of … Read more

Roast Quail

Roast quail is quick and easy to prepare. The quail takes about 30 minutes to roast in a medium to hot oven. Add some water to the tin as this will help to keep the meat moist and succulent. Cover the tin with foil for the first 20 minutes and then remove for the last … Read more

Hard Boiled Quail’s Egg

A lovely starter or canape at a party is this hard boiled quail’s eggs with beetroot. It is easy to prepare and very tasty. Ingredients Quail’s eggs – hard boiled. Mayonnaise. Whole grain mustard. Beetroot. Method Hard boil the quail’s eggs for 3 minutes and then allow to cool. Peel the shell from the quail’s … Read more

Apple Jelly

Yesterday I made apple jelly for the first time. I have only made jam once and thatb was not successful! I am pleased tol say that the apple jelly was very successful and Steve said it is, “Wonderful.” Praise indeed! Apple Jelly Recipe Ingredients 4lb cooking apples – diced but not peeled or cored. 2 … Read more

Toffee Apples

I have never made toffee apples but as I have an abundance of apples from the orchard, I thought toffee apples would make a good treat for the trick or treaters that will call by on halloween night. Toffee Apple Recipe Ingredients 6 small eating apples. 100g/4oz butter. 225g/8oz granulated sugar 225g/8oz golden syrup. 6 wooden … Read more