Farm Animal Penpal Testimonial

The Farming Friends farm animal penpal scheme enables the penpal recipient to learn about farm animals in an interesting way. At a cost of only £12 the Farming Friends Farm Animal Penpal will receive; An introductory letter from the farm animal penpal. A photograph of the farm animal penpal. A birthday card from the farm … Read more

Pig Penpal

Farming Friends Pig Penpal is a penpal scheme that enables the penpal recipient to learn about pigs in an interesting way.   At a cost of only £12 the Farming Friends Pig Penpal will receive; An introductory letter from the pig penpal. A photograph of the pig penpal. A birthday card from the pig penpal. A Christmas card from the pig penpal Buy the Farming Friends Pig Penpal … Read more

The Pyramid Slug Trap

I have just purchased the pyramid slug trap from TopVeg as a gift for a gardening friend. Although I am yet to see the product in use, I would like to praise TopVeg for their speedy delivery of this item. I look forward to reviewing this product when my gardening friend has the pyramid slug … Read more

Christmas Gifts

Have you bought all your Christmas gifts yet? Well don’t worry if you haven’t because Farming Friends has the perfect present. For any of your animal loving family and friends then the farm animal penpal gift makes the perfect present. The Farming Friends penpal gifts let the penpal recipient learn about farm animals in an interesting way. At a cost of only … Read more

Greetings Cards From Cafepress

I recently created a “Cool Chick” range of cafepress products. I decided to order the set of 10 “Cool Chick” cards priced $16.99 (approx £8.50). I was impressed with the cards when they arrived. They are a good size and made using a sturdy card. The photograph has reproduced well and the card is left … Read more

Photo Hunt : Theme Curvy

The curvy theme has had me stumped. How could I relate this to farming? I looked through my collection of photographs and nothing jumped out at me. I referred to the dictionary to see what curvy meant. It means to have many curves and a curve is a line which is not straight. Did this … Read more

Corn Dollies

What Is A Corn Dolly? A corn dolly is a dolly made from a small bundle of wheat. It is traditionally made from the last ears of wheat to be cut. How To Make A Corn Dolly Materials And Equipment Needed A small bundle of wheat with the ears intact. String – any colour. Scissors. Paints and … Read more

Seasonal Food For October

Seasonal food for October as recommended by FARMA includes:  Apples Blackberries Beetroot Broccoli Cabbages Carrots Cauliflowers Courgettes Cucumbers French Beans Kohl Rabi Mange Tout Marrows Onions Peas Plums Potatoes Raspberries Runner Beans Spinach Strawberries Sugar Snaps Sweetcorn Turnips FARMA is the UK’s National Farmers’ Retail & Markets Association. It “is a co-operative of farmers, producers selling … Read more

Harvest Festival Lesson Ideas

As a teacher I am always amazed at how little the children at school understand about the meaning of Harvest Festival when they attend a school harvest festival every year. It is important for children to understand the meaning behind harvest festival. Lesson Ideas Discuss the meaning of harvest festival with the children and then … Read more