A Wordsearch About Potatoes

The British Council have launched a national grow your own potatoes in schools competition, because they have found that 60% of children thought that potatoes grew on trees. I am a teacher and I have launched this potato competition in the school I work in with the Year 3 children. I do not want the children to just … Read more

Jumbled Up Farming Words Challenge

        Can you unscramble the jumbled up letters to spell a farming word? Example: EHN = HEN Have a go and enjoy the challenge. TCALET URPYLOT  IGFRNAM EGANIU WFLO RTARTOC  EIASGL TTOOEPAS ETWHA YREBLA RMREAF SAMILNA UPGLOH ORSCP BEAALR OECBNMI EHVARRSTE AGIRN VTASHER ESEPH LBSEA OFEMSAUHR Click on the links below to … Read more

Farming Friends Bookmarks

If you have enjoyed meeting the animals and harvesting the information at Farming Friends, then reward yourself with one of our free bookmarks. You have three to choose from, so go on, print the bookmarks today and don’t delay! Farming Friends Bookmarks Farming Friends Bookmarks Make a great gift for someone. Useful for those of … Read more

Answers to Mystery Animals Puzzle

Here are the answers to the Mystery Animals Puzzle. Go back to puzzle. Mystery Animal 1 = Sheep. Mystery Animal 2 = Cat. Mystery Animal 3 = Guinea Fowl. Mystery Animal 4 = Guinea Pig. Mystery Animal 5 = Cow. Mystery Animal 6 = Pony. Mystery Animal 7 = Horse. Mystery Animal 8  = Butterfly. … Read more