Large Conifer Tree – Green Thumb Sunday

We have a beautiful large conifer tree that stands tall and proud at the front of our farmhouse. It is a magnificent tree but unfortunately it was planted quite close to the house and the roots are too close to the pipes that run from the house to the septic tank. This beloved old tree may have to … Read more

Bay Tree Problems

My bay tree has not been looking very good recently and I wondered what I should do. Then I remembered that TopVeg was running a herb event, so as part of TopVeg’s herb day event last week, I contacted TopVeg via skype for an online consultation. TopVeg listened to the problems I had with my bay tree; … Read more

Yeo Valley Free Tree Offer

For anyone who doesn’t know, Yeo Valley Organic is a brand of natural bio live yogurt. When I don’t have time to make my own yogurt I normally buy Yeo Valley yogurt. It is live yogurt so I can make my own from it if I do have time, it has a good taste – not … Read more

Growing Poplar Trees

Two years ago my husband took some cuttings from a poplar tree and placed them in my vegetable garden to see if they would grow. I wasn’t very happy when I found out where he had planted them as the cuttings were taking up valuable vegetable planting land. However, two years on the cuttings are … Read more