Top Ten Posts For August 2008

The top 10 most popular posts from August 2008 were: Courgette & Zucchini Recipes Pickled Beetroot Courgette & Green Tomato Chutney Courgette Explosion Incubating Chicken Eggs Courgette Soup Chocolate and Courgette Cake Small White / Cabbage White Butterfly Harvest Festival Lesson Ideas Fried Courgette If there is a particular topic related to farming, the countryside or … Read more

Top Ten Posts For July 2008

The top 10 most popular posts from July 2008 were: Courgette & Zucchini recipes. Courgette Soup. Pickled Beetroot. Incubating Chicken Eggs. How To Grow Courgette Instructions. Lemon Cheesecake. Incubating Guinea Fowl Eggs. Candling Eggs. Courgette Explosion. Courgette & Green Tomato Chutney. If there is a particular topic related to farming, the countryside or nature that you … Read more

Peachick Limping

What should be done when a peahen is limping? hiya. i need help on how to look after my 3 peachicks. one was limping and the peahen started to peck at it so, i bought it inside and put it in a cage. after about 10 mins i put it back with its mother but … Read more

Top Ten Farming Friends Posts For May 2008

The top 10 most popular posts from May 2008 were: Incubating Guinea Fowl Eggs Incubating Chicken Eggs Lemon Cheesecake Courgette and Zucchini Recipes Incubating Duck Eggs Candling Eggs Incubating Pheasant Eggs How To Grow Courgettes Instructions Broody Hen Or Incubator For Hatching Eggs Stewed Rhubarb If there is a particular topic related to farming, the … Read more

Photo Hunt : Theme Heavy

Lots of things are heavy on the farm. A sow weighs approximately 200-300kg. A straw bale weighs approximately 250kg. A silage bale weighs approximately 600kg. A cow weighs approximately 650kg. A bull weighs approximately 900kg. A modern tractor weighs approximately 5000kg.  A combine harvester weighs approximately 10,000kg. There are lots of heavy objects on the … Read more

Photo Hunt : Theme Narrow

The crops are planted in narrow rows so that the farmer can produce a good yield from the field. Here is the sugar beet grown in narrow rows. If you would like to join Photo Hunters then click on the image below for more information. Photo Hunters

Photo Hunt : Theme Important

The theme for the photo hunt this week is important, so what is important on the farm? The crops are very important. WHEAT BARLEY POTATOES OILSEED RAPE / CANOLA Not only do the crops earn the farmers money, but the crops feed the animals on the farm and in turn make food that feeds the … Read more

Underground Well

The underground well in the garden is no longer used. We discovered it 2 years ago and found out that the person who had filled it in was my husband’s father! We think that at some point in the future we might add lights to it and cover it with reinforced glass so that it … Read more