Snow in January 2008

Snow has fallen for the first time in 2008. When we awoke on Thursday morning the ground was covered with a good layer of snow and it kept snowing throughtout the morning. By evening the snow had started to melt and when Friday morning came there were no traces of snow to be seen anywhere. … Read more

Photo Hunt : Theme Delicious

The theme for this week is delicious and this is an easy one for me. I knew straight away that one of the most delicious meals is my pot roasted guinea fowl recipe. Pot Roasted Guinea FowlPot Roasted Guinea Fowl We breed and raise guinea fowl. Some of the guinea fowl flock are breeding stock and … Read more

Photo Hunt : Theme Messy

It is messy in lots of places on the farm. The fold yard has cattle manure and the pig stye has pig muck which I can tell you is very messy, but I thought I would spare you that sort of mess! As I looked through my growing catalogue of photos I came across a … Read more

Photo Hunt : Theme Light

Hens need a certain amount of light in order to lay their eggs and this is why you generally find that hens lay their eggs in the Spring and Summer months. Here is Hatty the hen laying her eggs. laying-egg-1.jpglaying-egg-2.jpglaying-egg-3.jpghattys-egg.jpg I was lucky enough to walk by Hatty’s nest as she was about to lay an egg … Read more

A Bat In The House

My husband came downstairs the other night and said that he had just seen a bat fly past the study door. “A bat?!” I said, “That can’t be right. Tell me what happened.” And so he did. As my husband sat at the computer, he saw something fly past the door. It caught his eye … Read more

Photo Hunt : Theme I Love…

I love farm animals – especially the ones found on my farm. Our farm currently has;   1 white leghorn hen called Hatty. 38 guinea fowl. 1 guinea pig called Guiness. 5 cats – Snowy, Fluffy, Snowball, Spot and Stripe. 80 cattle of varying breeds and ages. 2 British Saddleback sows called Cagney and Lacy and 15 … Read more

Photo Hunt : Theme Flexible

One of the things that is flexible on the farm is the hose which is attached to the irrigator.  I decided to pick the irrigator hose as this is a really important piece of equipment for a potato farmer. Irrigator Hose Pipe The irrigator is used to pump water onto the potato crop when the weather is … Read more

A Study Of Bottles In Art

Over the last few months I have been going to art class but unfortunately the classes have now finished for the Summer. During the last few weeks of the course I completed a large piece of art work. The subject was an arrangement of blue glass bottles. Here is my finished art work. Bottles Art … Read more