Barn Owl Hunting

At about 5pm tonight I saw a barn owl flying across our neighbouring field then over the lane and into another field. The barn owl was hunting. The bird flew along the ditches and hedgerows and then at times hovered and then swooped down. I did have my camera and got one photograph of the … Read more

Fat Balls Attract Birds To The Garden

In the last week we have had a couple of fat balls hanging in the garden near to the kitchen window so that we can see which birds are attracted to the fatballs. We have seen: Great tits Long tailed tits Robins Wrens Blackbirds coming to feed on the fat balls. What birds have you … Read more


We seem to have a resident robin that nests in a row of large conifers that border the farm and shelter the fold yard from the prevailing winds.   When I am indoors and writing my posts on the computer in the study, I can hear the lovely call of the robin. However the greatest … Read more

Birds Building Nests

I dedicate this post to my friend Trisha or should I call her Birdy Trish over at Bird Table News who I know will be very interested to hear which birds are beginning to nest in my area. In the last week or two I have noticed alot of activity with the birds. I have seen a great … Read more

Incubating Pigeon Eggs

Incubation Period The incubation period for pigeon eggs is 17 days. Incubation Temperature The temperature in the incubator for pigeon eggs is 99.5 – 100.5 degrees fahrenheit. Humidity Levels The humidity level (wet bulb thermometer) for pigeon eggs is 84-88 degrees fahrenheit. Final Day Of Egg Rotation The final day of egg rotation for pigeon eggs is day 15. Please note … Read more