Looking For Signs Of Birdlife

There are a number of signs to look & listen out for when trying to discover birdlife in an area. Nests. Bird song. Owl pellets. Bird droppings. Footprints. Bird calls. Feathers. Egg shells. Eggs in nests or nest boxes. I have seen and heard all these signs of birdlife in and around the farm. Let … Read more

Swallows Nesting

The swallows are back and nesting in the “cat” barn. Swallow I noticed a couple of swallows had returned around the end of April, but it wasn’t until the last two weeks that I began to notice more of them circling the sky around the yard. Last year the swallows made a nest in the … Read more


  Latin Name: Erithacus rubecula. Description: The robin has a red forehead, breast and throat, whilst the head, back, wings and tail are an olive brown colouring. The robin has a small, rotund body, dark eyes and very slender legs. The young do not have the red breast and are a speckled brown in colour.  Habitat: The … Read more

The Swan

Swans are large water birds that can swim and fly. The male swan is called the cob. The female swan is called the pen. Young swans are called cygnets. Mute swans (Cygnus olor) are found in Great Britain. The mute swan is a very large bird which has white plumage, grey-black legs and an orange-red bill with black … Read more

White Wagtail

  Latin name: Motacilla alba. Description: The white wagtail has a long tail which is a grey-black colour on the top and white underneath. It has a white and black breast, with a black crown and white around it’s eyes. The wings on the white wagtail are grey, black and white. The white wagtail has a … Read more


The Chaffinch Latin Name: Fringilla coelebs. Description: The male chaffinch has a bright pink breast and a brown back. The rump and tail are an olive colour and the crown is a slate blue colour. The female chaffinch has similar colouring but is a little duller than the male. Both the male and female have … Read more

Bird Watching

There are many birds to see on and around our farm. Here is a list of the birds I have spotted on and around our farm at different times of the year; In the Garden Blackbird Blue Tit Chaffinch         Pheasant         Robin         Songthrush Starling … Read more


  Latin Name: Pica pica Description: The magpie has black and white feathers, with the black showing hints of green and blue in it’s glossy tint. This bird has a very long greeny black tail, although the younger birds have shorter tails. Habitat: The magpie usually inhabits farmland, woodland, gardens, parks and scrubland. Food: In … Read more

Feeding Wild Birds In The Spring And Summer Months

Normally we feed wild birds during the Winter when food is in short supply for the bird population, however the Spring and Summer months can also bring cold and wet weather which can leave the birds with a food shortage. In the Spring and Summer months birds need a high protein diet because they moult … Read more

Blue Tit

Latin Name: Parus caeruleus. Description: Blue tits are smallish birds which have a yellow chest and a green back. Their wings are blue and white and they have a blue tail. Their faces are white with dark blue markings and a light blue crown.  Habitat: In woodlands, scrub, farmland, marshes, hedgerows and gardens. Food: Insects are the main … Read more