Breeding Season For Roe Deer

The breeding season for roe deer takes place in late July and August and is known as the rut. Hi Sara We often see deer on Sunk Island- at least once a week. We were having a rare sit down earlier this week and a roe deer strolled past the window, across the lawn. Ten … Read more

Signs Of Deer On The Farm

My husband and neighbours who walk up the lane will often say they have seen deer on or around our farm. Unfortunately I rarely see a deer. In fact in five years of living here, I think I have only had about 5 sightings. There are a number of signs to indicate that deer are … Read more

Badgers In Garden

This morning at 2am I was awoken to the sound of caterwauling which I thought was my cats fighting. My beloved Stripe the cat seems to be slightly injured at the moment and doesn’t get on with the dominant male Fluffy (maybe Fluffy is so dominant to counter act his name but let me tell you he … Read more

The Mole

Latin Name: Talpa europaea Description: The mole has a velvety dark grey to black coat of fur which is made of tiny sensory hairs. The front feet are directed sideways in a spade like shape with long claws. It has a narrow pointed snout and tiny eyes. The mole does not have external ears. It has a tail … Read more

Common Toad

Latin Name: Bufo bufo Description: The common toad is an amphibian. They are normally grey-brown in colour although they do camouflage themselves with their background so their skin colouring can vary according to the type of soil in their habitat. Their skin is not a moist and smooth texture but dry and warty. They have short legs which … Read more

The Swan

Swans are large water birds that can swim and fly. The male swan is called the cob. The female swan is called the pen. Young swans are called cygnets. Mute swans (Cygnus olor) are found in Great Britain. The mute swan is a very large bird which has white plumage, grey-black legs and an orange-red bill with black … Read more

Roe Deer

Latin Name: Capreolus capreolus Description: The roe deer is a short and stocky deer with a body length of 95-135cm. The adult roe deer has a coat that in Summer is a red-brown colour and in Winter is a grey-fawn colour. Their coat moults in April or May. Roe deer have a black nose with white … Read more