Causes Of Cat Leg Injuries

There are many different causes of leg injuries in cats.

Stripe The Cat with Poorly Leg

Stripe The Cat with Poorly Leg

  • Traffic accidents.
  • A fall from a high location.
  • An infected bite wound.
  • A deep cut on the paw.
  • A burn on the paw.
  • A fractured claw.
  • A damaged or infected nailbed.
  • Arthritis.
  • Hip dysplasia.
  • Thrombosis.

A lame cat may not always be obvious as they tend to avoid movement.

If you notice that your cat is limping, take great care when picking it up or examining it.

Sometimes leg injuries will stop after a short time and the cat’s leg appears to be ok again.

Seek veterinary advice if you are concerned about your cat and it’s leg injury.

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