Darwin’s Theories – Demonstrated By Jimmy Doherty

I was very interested to watch Jimmy Doherty In Darwin’s Garden programme talking about Darwin’s Theory about how the presence of cats can increase the amount of red clover.

One of Darwin’s theories stated that the presence of cats could increase the amount of red clover as cats can scare away or eat field mice that raid bumble bee’s nests and it is the bumble bee that pollinates red clover. So if the cats reduce the number of field mice then the number of bumble bees will increase and this in turn will increase the amount of red clover that grows.

In Jimmy’s programme, demonstrated Darwin’s theory with an experiment and placed some beehives near a barn where cats frequented and then put some beehives in field where the field mice frequented. Jimmy found that the beehives near the barn had bees in them and were successful hives whereas not all the hives in the field had bees in them.

I was really interested in this as I have farm cats and like to think that they are doing a job on the farm!