Egg Binding In Quail

Egg binding in quail is when a female quail cannot lay her egg and then the quail is referred to as egg bound. This may be because;

  • it is the first time the quail hen has laid an egg,
  • the oviduct is too small for the egg to pass through,
  • the egg may have broken and cannot slip through or
  • the shell of the egg is too soft to let the egg pass through.

Young quail sometimes find it difficult to lay their first few eggs as the onset of lay for female quail is from about 6 weeks of age and it is not unusual to find that the first few eggs that they lay are elongated in shape or speckled with blood.

Sometimes it is obvious that a quail hen is egg bound as they will be straining.

Egg binding can be relieved by gently massaging the egg out. If the egg breaks inside the quail hen then there maybe a risk of infection so the hens vent will need to be bathed.

hi I went out to see to my aviaries today and I have found one of my quail dead.
We’ve had a lot of snow recently so I thought it was because of that but she had actually died of egg binding. Is this common in young quail? how can you stop egg binding and are there any female quail near somerset for sale for cheap. thankyou junior

Hi Junior,
Sorry to hear that one of your quail has died. I have had a few of my quail that have had egg binding. I would say that it is quite common as quail lay alot of eggs and start laying from 6 weeks old. They are also a small bird to churn out an egg a day so I am not surprised that they get egg bound.
If you reduce the photoperiod (length of daylight) the quail get then they will reduce their egg laying and this may help to stop the egg binding but unfortunately you won’t get so many eggs.
I have read that making sure the quail hen has adequate protein, calcium, selenium, and vitamins A and E in her feed can help prevent egg binding as dietary insufficiencies can lead to egg binding.
I will have a look to see if I can find any quail for sale near Somerset.
Hope this helps.
Kind regards
Sara @ farmingfriends

If anyone has any experience of egg binding in quail then please leave a comment.