Feral Cats Rehomed To Act As Pest Control

I have always known that cats can be used for pest control especially on farms. We have five semi feral cats (I say semi feral as they live outside, but they are my pet cats as they have names, are feed pet food and can be petted) who keep the the rat and mice population down on our farm and this week I have been going over to feed the 10-12 cats on our neighbours farm that are also semi feral and help to keep vermin under control.

I have just been reading an article on the BBC news website about how feral cats are to be pest controllers.

The article describes how the cats protection charity in Bournmouth are rounding up feral cats in the hope of re-homing them on farms as pest controllers. The cats are caught, given medical treatment and neutered, before being sent out to farmers. The charity feels that the cats won’t be tame enough to become household pets so their perfect environment is stables, farms or garden centres.

I think this is an excellent idea to rehome the feral cats on farms to act as pest control as this helps the farm with any vermin problems and also gives the cats the chance to be well looked after.

Let me know what you think about this.