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  1. Hi,
    Our hen has been sitting on her eggs for almost 3weeks, but today I went to check on her and she was off her nest and our duck was sitting on them. What does this mean?

  2. On our farm we start breeding our pigs at 8 months old and it has really worked well for us. At that age they are mature but not too big for the sows. The ideal is that the sow and the boar must be the same size.

  3. I have 11 chickens and one duck a friend gave me , it thinks it’s a chicken and eats everything the chickens eat. Do I have to treat this duck with anything else ?

  4. I just discovered a mama duck sitting on what looks to be over 15 eggs she is completely covered with ants I don’t want to feed her anymore because the ants are also going after the food she looks so uncomfortable. I want to help her what could I do ?

  5. i started with 14 12wk old keets in march this year only have 8 left BUT there are 4 girls & 4 boys who have produced over 120 eggs in the last several weeks (free range)they were not sitting on them and eggs were rolling away so i got an incubator. 30 eggs i turned 2x a day on day 23first keet appeared (on lock down day) next day they appeared like pop corn 19 lovely babies 2 not able to hatch so i helped! one is really struggling (cannot lift its head) the other has joined the brooder box and cannot tell which it was then one drowned and one trampled i am afraid we lost the others in the incubator and if thats not bad enough a ferral cat has got most of the others from the two nests outside…i am exhausted it is day 28 they were only due today??? so scared others will be trampled too ??? hope not as i am trying to keep an eye on them.i have left the strugler in the incubator hoping it will grow a little but it can not keep it’s head up not sure what to do

  6. Hi there folks,i am interested in knowing,when i young boar pig,is ready to breed and produce,
    how old should this boar pig be?
    and finally what,s the average size of such boar pigs penis?
    on average what would be their penis size?
    i may be looking into it,please respond asp,many thanks Owen,
    p/s its their an faster way to get boars to breed sooner?

  7. Purchased 6 keats last June. This morning two began fighting. don’t want to stop. Do I have a worry or will they just quit.

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