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Raising a Runt Piglet

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  1. kahjam

    I have always wanted a pot belly pig for a pet.. Today I came across a runt that the owner was going to kill, so I decided to take her home & try to raise her as a pet! So far it has been a very MESSY adventure.. I have her in a pack N play, (it is like a playpen). Inside the playpen: I put the top half of a covered litter box, the door to get in is ground level, she does not have to climb to get in, I put shavings inside of that & then I put a blanket. I was hoping the box would her potty & the blanket her sleep space.. BUT she loves the shavings, she loves to dig, she is always in there! She has chosen to poo & pee on the padded area of the play pen instead. I would really love to take her out & let her be part of the house, but When I put her on her harness & leash & let her roam, she licked the floor & pooed & peed everywhere! She is also very messy when she eats, she gets right in there, gets it all over herself.. Any suggestions or thoughts?? I really want her to be our inside pet, I want to hold her & love her.. BUT she squeals whenever I pick her up!

    Posted 7 years ago #
  2. Hi Kahjam

    Sounds as though you have got a bundle of fun there!! How old is she?

    It always takes a while for animals to settle down, get used to their new surroundings & develop a routine. Even rescued dogs who have been clean & housetrained take a while to get used to the new household.

    Pigs are very clean - & usually find a spot which they keep for their loo - is it possible for you to work round her & somehow disguise/ separate the spot she has chosen?

    Dry food is not so messy as wet food - and pellets are cleaner than meal. But they should have ad-lib water if being fed dry. It is possible to get drinkers which do not drip - rather like the bottles rabbits have in hutches. There is usually a little spillage, but a mat can be put under the drinker to soak that up.

    Hope she soon settles down. Pigs love having their tummies rubbed when they are lying down, so perhaps you can stroke her first & let her get used to that before picking her up in a few weeks. Also they like being scratched behind their ears!

    Posted 7 years ago #
  3. kahjam

    Thank You for the positive advise.. She is 10 weeks old! I did rub her tummy last night while she was in her playpen, as long as my back would let me, (bending over to rub her is not very comfortable, LOL) & She LOVED it! I tried to pick her up & put her in my lap to rub her, but she just screamed the entire time.. So as you suggest I will have to give her more time. I have discovered that even when I take her outside she poos everywhere, a little here, a little there.. She is like a poop machine.. What is the best item to train them in or on? shavings, newspaper, or something else?? She has a covered area that has shavings inside it, but she poops & sleeps in it, it was suppose to be her potty.. BUT she loves to play, dig in the shavings.. SO I thought about trying newspaper, kind of like a puppy..Also I noticed that she is always hungry, always scrounging for food.. When I take her out she digs in the dirt & even eats rocks.. How often should I feed her, now that I have fed her Tomatoes, she will hardly touch her Hog feed.. She loves Tomatoes! She does not like bread or cucumbers.. BUT she can not live off of tomatoes??

    Posted 7 years ago #
  4. Lorna

    Hi Kahjam

    I got two weblinks, maybe there might be something to help there. I remember a few years ago wanting a pot bellied pig, they are cute in their own way.
    Anyway Best Wishes


    Posted 7 years ago #
  5. hi Kahjam, well done on saving her from slaughter, and yes I have heard they can make good pets, but she is going to get very big, why as a pet does she need to be kept in the house, you can still love and enjoy her while letting her live outdoors, where your house would be protected and she would probably be happier anyway, and try and treat her as you would a child, if they don't eat their proper food they don't get treats.

    mo x
    Posted 7 years ago #
  6. Hello again
    10 weeks is very young - so she will need feeding very often - ad lib is a good way. I would not give her any treats for a month - so that her tummy can settle down. Eating grass and soil will do her digestion good.
    Mo's idea of letting her have her own place outside may be the best for both of you. She will need keeping warm at that age, preferably with lots of straw so that she can burrow into it. They do get runny tummies if they get cold.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  7. kahjam

    Thank You everyone for your helpful input! I do let her out, right now I have her on a harness & leash, BUT I intend to buy her a pen for outside. We live in a rental right now but are in the process of buying a home. BUT we are not scheduled to close on the house until November! Any suggestions on a nice outside yard/house for her?? I know it should be made of like a fencing so she can see us, that she should have a little house inside it with straw to dig in (thank you TopVeg), & then a small hole that I can spray water in for her to roll in.. BUT what about a potty area?? Not sure how to set up her outside pen? or what to use? Will any animals try to get at her & kill her if I leave her out??

    Posted 7 years ago #

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