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Extremely sick hen!! PLEASE HELP!

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  • Started 8 years ago by Maya Zazu
  • Latest reply from mickyb123

  1. Maya Zazu

    My hen is EXTREMELY weak, she is lying on her side and not eating or drinking. Her eyes are closed. She was absolutely fine last night and this morning I just found her like this. Any ideas? Her crop is a little full, probably from the seeds I fed her, last night.

    Age: About 3 years old
    Breed: Red Hen
    Sex: Female

    Your Location- country, state (different areas/climates have different problems)
    ANSWER: Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

    What is wrong? What symptoms have you noted? - As much detail as possible please.
    ANSWER:Lethargic, not moving at all, would be mistaken for dead if you didn't check. Not eating or drinking. Extremely weak, getting worse.

    Full droppings description.- colour, consistency, frequency, offensive smell.
    ANSWER: She hasn't pooed but a few days ago her droopings were watery, yesterday however they were normall. Her rear smells bad and is wet.

    Respiratory Changes?- eg. breathing sounds, discharge, laboured breathing, facial swelling
    ANSWER: None detected

    Digestive Changes?- eg. eating, drinking, crop filling & emptying
    ANSWER: not eating or drinking.

    Condition Changes?- eg. Weight, comb/wattle colour, skin, feathering
    ANSWER: comb is slightly shrunken and faded.

    Behavioural Changes?- inc. socialising, laying, crowing, broodiness
    ANSWER: Has not layed in months. Is too weak to show any behaviour. Will open eyes and weakly move legs if picked up but goes back to normal very quickly.

    Agility Changes? - eg. any lameness, favouring, energy levels
    ANSWER: lameness, no energy.

    Describe your usual worming routine and products. [If none, say so and skip the next 3 worming questions.] Do you have a cycle that you use eg. every 3 months, or every six months?
    ANSWER: Have never wormed her.

    1. When was the bird last wormed??- approximate date.
    ANSWER: Never

    2. What product was used to worm the bird, and how was it given? ? eg. in the drinking water, on the skin, by injection?

    3. Was a follow up dose given? (eg. 10-14 days later)

    Any other recent medications?- antibiotics, coccidiosis meds, herbal remedies, etc
    ANSWER: No

    Other changes? – additions to the flock, diet, housing, extreme weather
    ANSWER: The dirt in her cage was slightly wet as it has been rainy.

    Photos? – any relevant photos are very helpful

    Here is a link to a photo: ... jpg&ref=nf

    Posted 8 years ago #
  2. hello dosn't sound to good at all, im asuming all this writing you have copied and pasted from another forum you are on, if so looks like you should be worming your hen ASAP and give her a tonic too
    you could get her to a vets she may need antibiotics to as she does sound extremely ill

    mo x
    Posted 8 years ago #
  3. Mama

    Maya, It sounds similar to Marecks disease can't say for sure but as Mo says she is very ill and needs expert advice.
    Very sad . Mama

    Goose Girl
    Posted 8 years ago #
  4. i actually dont think its mareks disease
    mareks has been practically illiminated and is more prone to chicks than a 3 year old bird with mareks comes paralisis with out stretched toes and legs.
    what could be possible on one hand you say she is not eating on the other you say her crop is full
    have you thought of an impacted crop try syringing tepid water into her crop and holding her upside down while massaging her crop effectively making her sick
    once the crop is empty try giving her some porridge made with water and see if that soothes her a bit
    then i sugest you get her some anti biotics to boost her up

    Posted 8 years ago #

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