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Which Turkey Breed?

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  • Started 8 years ago by admin

  1. Hi All,
    My farmingfriend Steve who lives in Chiang Mai has a couple of Turkeys and would like to know what breeds they are as he bought them from a market in North Thailand and they didn't tell him what the breeds were, so if anyone could help that would be great.

    Steve says "Just for your info turkeys love our local grown bananas (nam wa), eat chinese cabbage with joy and the turkeys eat mango. They enjoyed termite alates. The turkeys have already eaten a whole bed of young brassica, the leaves from a bean like crop we grow and all the new shoots of the corn. They now stay in unless I can be there to keep them off the garden beds.

    If anyone can help identify the turkey breeds then please leave a reply and I'll let Steve know. Thanks
    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfriends

    Posted 8 years ago #

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