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New lad

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  1. Sheppard

    Hi folks, new to the forum but enjoying running through all the old posts (very informative). i live in a semi rural area in pleasley on the Notts/Derby border. Although we have a nice size garden with a greenhouse and veggie patch its not upto holding any animals or livestock which is what i would really love to do (especially with our 2yr old hypo springer on the loose)!. So at the moment im gathering as much info as i can as im sure as soon as the rite property/piece of land comes up i will jump at the chance of creating my dream small holding. So excuse my wet behind the ear type questions and comments that you will probably see posted from time to time. Anyhow sorry if ive bored you but looking forward to chatting with you all at some point and learning as much as possible along the way. ;o)

    Hope to be living the good life soon!!
    Posted 8 years ago #
  2. RPun

    Hi Sheppard
    Welcome to farming friends, its a great site with loads of really well informed people.
    I too would like to have a smallholding, but have so many animals already, there isn't enought time in the day! :-D
    What kinds of animals do you want?
    Probably speak soon!
    From Jane

    Posted 8 years ago #
  3. Sheppard

    Hi RPun

    I would like to start with the usual chickens/Ducks etc with a view to sheep/goats/pigs etc and ive always wanted a donkey!! i also have a dream to produce cheese using local milk with a view to selling to the local public and shops/restaurants etc and also abit of honey production thrown in for good measures so not wanting much eh!!! i would like to build it up not only for pleasure but as a business, i own and run a small cleaning company that i have built up over the last 3yr so have business experience and alot of determination!!!! so hopefully it will happen and i will chart any progress on the forum.


    Hope to be living the good life soon!!
    Posted 8 years ago #
  4. Hi Sheppard welcome to LETS SHARE THE DREAM LOL
    I keep 5 ducks in a normal garden as many on here do, and some have chickens as well, they don't need as much room as you may be thinking, however having said that friends on here already know i'm currently trying to sell my house to buy a place with more land to expand my little duck group and like you follow my dream of more animals

    mo x
    Posted 8 years ago #
  5. lisamaslen

    Welcome Sheppard,

    i have 9 ducks 4 chicken & 4 bantams & 3 bantam eggs due to hatch tomorrow, i too have a nutty springer Murphy he is 3, you can sart with a few ducks & chickens in your garden, Mine are in big pens so Murf cant get to them & i also have a fox problem, I am sure you will love the site and get lots of good advice they are all a great bunch,
    i would love to have a smallholding one day, but for now i can only dream,

    lisa x
    Posted 8 years ago #
  6. julie123

    Hi sheppard

    I also live in the Derbyshire area, I have a terraced house and have 4 chickens, 8 ducks 2 ducklings(1 week old) 2 border terriers 2 rabbits, and keep playing the lottery maybe one day i will get my dream of a small holding.My chickens and ducks have there own area at the bottom of the garden which is 14ft wide by 21ft long.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  7. lubyloo

    hello sheppard
    i live right next door to you (langwith), ff is a great site,i havent been a member long but fast friendly help and avice as been given from other members thats helped me loads,unlike the gardening forums were no help is given at all,i have only a garden and have 3 jackrussels,5 chickens,just recently lost one,and 4 call ducks,im trying incubating at the moment hoping to get a few more female ducks,ther fantasic as pets,i do ocasionally borrow a bit of waste land outside my side gate that leads to a landscaped coal mine,for the chickens to play,dont no why its nick named waste land its not a waste to me and my chickens,a small holding would be on my wish list too

    Posted 8 years ago #
  8. Hi shepperd,
    Welcome to the farmingfriends forum. I live on a farm with beef cattle and arable crops which my hubby farms. I have some poultry - about 30 quail, 20 ducks, 16 guinea fowl and 18 hens as well as 5 farm cats! I did have 2 saddleback breeding sows and I sold the weaners and I thoroughly enjoyed keeping the pigs.
    Good luck with your quest for a smallholding.
    Kindr egards
    Sara @ farmingfriends

    Posted 8 years ago #
  9. Lorna

    Hi Sheppard,
    I hope you are able to have some animals and your own smallholding. Maybe even if you rented some land now you could have a few sheep on it, sort of like an outfarm. I know a lot of farmers who let their land out for grazing horses and such like. I remember when I was growing up my father letting out some of our land to a farmer for growing potatoes.

    Best Wishes

    Ps I know the donkey sanctuary in Devon do long term fostering of donkeys in pairs and if anything went wrong they take them back as I had 2 back about 10yrs ago and then was not well enough to look after them, but that is always an idea for your donkeys in the future.

    Posted 8 years ago #

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