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Sallie's Golden Pheasant Chicks

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  1. I received this email from Sallie back in late June with two photos of the 10 golden pheasant chicks so I have finally got around to posting the photos.
    Dear Sara,
    The original 7 ringneck pheasant chicks are now a month old and doing well.

    Photos are of 10 Golden Pheasant Chicks which hatched last weekend (about 20th June). 3 had duff legs (not splayed but almost as if the hock joint was fused really bent) lost one last night but don't know if the other two will make it - doubtful I think. The Golden's are much quieter than the ringneck and not as spooky. Just put 62 quail eggs in the incubator so will really be under pressure if they all hatch. May have to put them in a stable rather than the sitting room!!! Hope all well with you. Best Wishes Sallie.

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  2. Hi all,

    Another email and photo from Sallie re her pheasants that I thought I would share woth you.

    "This picture below is of the pheasants that were hatched a few weeks ago. All 7 are well and will be released into the pens when the other pheasants turn up on August 1.
    The Golden Pheasants are now 4 weeks old and living in the garage for now!!!
    Seem to have birds coming out of my ears. Sallie"

    It is interesting to hear about the pheasants and see how they progress.

    Kind regards
    sara @ farmingfriends

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  3. sallie

    Hi Sara,

    Update on the pheasants. The Goldens are now in the stable with the ringnecks. Still much calmer babies than the ringnecks. All seem to be getting on ok although the white pheasant seems to be getting a bashing from the other ringnecks so may have to separate him. Hoping he can cope until August 1st when they can go into the release pens.

    Goldens will go into release pens to but will have a £50 bounty on them if anyone shoots one so should deter even the most impulsive guns!!

    Quail growing well (all 38 still alive) running out of room so am trying to wean them off the heat lamp quickly so they can go into run with the other quail as soon as poss.

    Best wishes


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  4. Hi Sallie,
    It is very interesting to hear about the pheasants.
    With regards to your quail how old will they be when you move this group as you have a larger number of them you sound like you are moving them earlier than usual. Also do you have a procedure for mixing them so that the other quail don't fight with the younger ones? I have 28 out of the 30 quail chicks that hatched. One didn't make it practically straight away and another died a few days old. I like you think I will need to move them sooner than usual into the quail hut with the others, so any advice on doing this so that there are no fights or territorial aggression would be great.
    Best Wishes
    Sara @ farmingfriends

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  5. sallie

    Hi Sara,
    Have never had a problem mixing the youngsters with the older birds. Last year when I had 17 hatch I just put them in the same run as the 7 older birds at 3 ish weeks old. No fighting or anything. Mind you 17 against 7!!! This year it will be 38 against 4 so really do not expect a problem. With the Goldens I put 7 four week olds in with 7 seven week old ringnecks and all seem to be happy with no signs of aggression either way. The Goldens do look very twee next to the ringnecks! Regarding the quail I am hoping for a break in the weather so it is at least dry as I think they can cope with a little bit of cooler but not cool and wet. Run is half roofed and I may rig heat lamp up under that bit for a while to provide extra heat but will have to wait and see how long I can keep them where they are. May have to split group up and run two pens in garage for a week or two just to give them more room.

    Hope your lot mix in OK.

    Best Wishes


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