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Weaning piglets

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  1. madmax

    Hi everyone, im new on here. It looks like a very good site and i was hoping for some advice. I have 4 piglets that are 6 weeks old. They are all eating for themselves now. I am confused as to what to do next. Some people say i should move them well away from mum and some say they can be nextdoor. They are pet pigs and mum and dad are outside in seperate but adjoining runs. I can section mums run off and keep the piglets where they are and move mum to the far end of her run. So it would be mum then piglets then dad. If i have to take the piglets away, i have an outbuilding they could go in for a while but this is cold and dark and no outside area. And they are such sunworshipers. I just think this would be more stressful for them. But as a novice to this i dont know if mum will get too stressed not being able to get to them if she can see them next door. 2 have been sold and I also woundered if they can be taken straight from mum to new owner. Surely this would be just the same as weaning. Also can i eventually put the 2 back with her that hav'nt been sold yet. Hope some of you could help me, thanks.

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  2. Hi Madmax,
    It is better to move mum than the piglets as it will be less stressful for the piglets. Here is a useful link. I have raised saddleback piglets. We moved the sow into the next barn so they could still see each other and it didn't cause any stress for them.
    Before I weaned I had a creep feeder area and got the piglets used to their pellet food before the sows left. the sows couldn't get the food.
    You also need to watch that the sow doesn't get mastitis after the piglets have weaned.
    Signs to look out for include:

    Teats that are hot to the touch.
    Teats that are hard and lumpy.
    Sow not eating.
    Heavy breathing.
    Raised temperature.
    Lethargy in sows.
    Not standing up.
    Here is a tip I was given although I have not done this myself
    Hope this all helps and good luck.
    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfriends

    Posted 7 years ago #

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