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Naughty Turkeys!!

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  • Started 6 years ago by pinkpoultry
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  1. pinkpoultry

    Oh No!
    Why cant things just get along!
    Life has been fine in the turkey world, until this morning.....I tootled up the garden as normal and there was a strange noise coming from the turkeys-2 of them are being attacked by others. 2 are just running around not hurting anyone then 2 girls with their beaks clamped on the others skin/wobbily head bits, and the 2 boys the same!
    So I dived straight in to seperate them, they were determined to fight, so I spent a while seperating them and seeing who was fighting with who, so now all seperated into friendly groups again, I dont know what on earth has got into them! They have lived together so happily for months, now all this!
    I was speaking to a neighbour who I havnt seen before and she was saying they had been doing it for a couple of minutes and she was going to come and get me but then herd me shouting at them, she was very kind and said she has a dog kennel/run she doesnt use and I could put one of the naughty turkeys in there, I have the space and sections to split them up but I thought how lovely and kind that was of her! I think a delivery of duck eggs to her is in order!
    Anyone else experienced turkeys going crazy?

    Posted 6 years ago #
  2. dollydylo

    Oh my word.. how many turkeys to you have? perhaps they know Christmas is looming....
    I have never had a turkey (other than roasted of course!) so can give no advice at all. Lovely sounding neighbour you have!
    Good luck xx

    Karen x
    Posted 6 years ago #
  3. pinkpoultry

    I have 6. They have been fine ever since! not a peep out of them? Someone must have said someone is putting on a bit of weight or something. Bunch of looneys.
    Turkeys are funny but are rather stupid (No where near as dumb as pheasants though!) They arnt scatty which is nice but they are a bit slow sometimes, and make a funny noise when there is something unusal, they are amusing though.
    Bless em! xx

    Posted 6 years ago #

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