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Update on my Featheries!

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  • Started 7 years ago by pinkpoultry
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  1. pinkpoultry

    Hiya, just another snippet of my world with the featheries! Some may have seen on Facebook-if not here you go.
    I let my little guys out every morning from their secure "night pen" into their "day pen" where they have access to both pens-which covers a large area. I was up very very early the other morning and let them out into their day pen, I was watching them out of my window (at this point I would have usually been on my way to work) and then 1 by 1, I see them squeezing their way through a little gap into the garden-straight towards my veggie patch and start munching away! I stood with my jaw on the floor, the little tinkers! I wondered why Pye-on 3 occasions, had been outside their day pen when I come to lock them in their night pen....So, I went outside, the look of shock on their little faces as if to say "Uh Oh! We have been rumbled, the human hasnt gone to work yet!!!" so put them back in and blocked up their little escape route.
    Keep me on my toes those lot!
    My little chickens are coming along well-for those of you who dont know I have 3 Silver Laced Wyandottes-Crumpet (Crumpy for short) Pikelet (Pikey for Short) and Muffin (Muff-Muff for short) they have grown into such beautiful girls! When I got them they were only young, they looked skinny and like they didnt have many feathers, now they are so beautifully filled out and so fluffy with beautiful pristine feathers, but they arnt half silly! Muffin likes to scamp at full pelt down the garden, and stop hunched over then starts going backwards in a zig zag-then the other chickens start doing it, then they turn around and run back up flapping and squarking, then peace resumes? What a bunch of nutters! I see them do it alot, I think they are only playing, they have never attacked each other, as I was quite worried the first time I saw this, but now I know they are only playing, very funny to watch, I laugh every time!
    My 2 little Cuckoo Pekins are lovely! Pricilla and Estelle, Estelle got so excited this morning to come out she flew up and landed on one of the bars going across the door squished up against the mesh, haha. I dont think she ment too! They have also filled out very well, think they are wider with fluffy feathers than they are tall! Bless them, they are so lovely.
    In the Spring I am going to look for a rooster for each of them, so they can have chicks.
    We are going to look at a cottage that has a pond!!!!!!! Its a huge natural pond, is it bad that I dont even care what the house is like that I want to move there because there is lots of land and a POND! Can you imagin how happy my Campbell would be! He would never come onto dry land! Sure he would manage to splash all the water out of it still! Ha ha. So I shall let you know how that goes, I know it has quite low ceilings and a small kitchen-which are two negatives-most of you know how much my partner and I love to cook and he is rather tall, so Im sure him bonking his head every 5 mins wont go down to well, but we shall see! We would love to buy a house, but I honestly cant ever seeing us being able to afford it, we would need a huge deposit, which is nye on impossible to save for, :o( Oh well....
    The turkeys are fine, its getting close, Im not sure how Im going to cope with it to be honest, Lemon-my favourite, I dont think I can let her go, so I may keep her and my biggest boy for babies next year?...then the other 4 will have to be....eaten :o( Anyone got any advice on how I can feel not so horrible about doing this (well Im not doing it myself-a professional butcher is-as I would hate to do it wrong and make them suffer)
    So hows everyone else!?
    Thanks! xx

    Posted 7 years ago #
  2. Pastordot

    Hello Laura,

    It sounds like such fun at your place with all your delightful featheries! Fingers crossed for you as you go to look at the house with the POND!

    I think we all know exactly what you are saying there about the POND! It's important to keep our priorities straight...Lol! Sometimes my husband looks at some of the other homes for sale in our town and says, hmmmmm, perhaps we should have waited to buy our house and I think- no way - if we'd bought any other home than the one we did, I would never have known the joy of ducks! I wish you well with your looking and decision making.

    Blessings to you and yours,

    Posted 7 years ago #

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