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  • Started 6 years ago by pinkpoultry
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  1. pinkpoultry

    Sara, this is one for you really. As some of you know, we are moving house. I managed to get some land from my father in law to build my chook empire, well now, the cottage on his farm is free, so we are going to move into there, with lots of land (yippiiiiii!!!!) So! We have discussed and we have bucket loads of space so we would ideally like to keep some pigs.
    I have never kept pigs before. I have read somewhere about licenses and things, we will be eating them ourselves and not selling a scrap to anyone else. (yum!) So do we need to register with Defra?
    What does this entail? Is it a form I fill in and send off and thats it?
    Do I pay each year?
    Does someone have to visit me to make sure they are happy piggies?
    Or do we not have to do it at all?
    We were thinking of getting 3 pigs, and fattening them up to eat. 1st one we kill will be a pork pig, 2nd a cutter and 3rd a bacon pig and I will make our own bacon!!
    Not thinking about breeding just yet. (Though once we have more experience I think breeding would be very interesting!)
    We were thinking of either pure Gloucester Old Spots, or a cross with something else. (We live in Gloucestershire so it would be rude not to have them)
    Thanks for your help!!! xx

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  2. dollydylo

    I have to butt in and say you are very lucky! We would love pigs, but hubby is away too much for us to even look into it properly (although I did buy him a 'how to rear pigs and what to look for' book for his Birthday!).

    One thing I do know is that yes, you have to register. No idea about anything else but just wanted to wish you all the luck you need!

    Karen x
    Posted 6 years ago #
  3. pinkpoultry

    Awww thanks Karen! I love the idea you bought him a book, maybe next birthday, buy him a pig arc, then the one after that, a bag of pig food. Then eventually! Some pigs! Haha. What a wonderful present, I may suggest a book on how to rear pigs for my birthday, xxx

    Posted 6 years ago #
  4. Hi Laura,
    So pleased to hear you have the chance to move to the cottage with more land, that's great news.
    Pig wise you will need to phone your local animal health department at the council up and get a holding number. All pig owners need a holding number. I think this is free but it was a few years ago that I got mine.
    When pigs move onto your land or off your land you will need a movement license - You will need a movement license form each time a pig leaves your premises or you bring a pig onto your premises.

    You can obtain these forms from your local animal health officer at your county hall offices. When completing the form upon movement of a pig or piglets from your premises, one copy is given to the person moving the pigs/piglets, one copy is kept by yourself and another copy is sent to your local animal health officer at county hall.

    You must keep a record of animal movement with the following information included:

    Your name and address.
    Date of movement.
    The Herd Number / Identification Number or Temporary Mark on Pigs.
    The number of pigs being moved.
    The Holding Number and Address From Which Pigs Have Moved From.
    The Holding Number and Address To Which Pigs Are Moved To.

    Hope this info is useful.

    I kept 2 saddlebacks (called Cagney and Lacy) and then raised piglets which we sold on as weaners to other smallholders or sold them for meat. The Saddleback is a lovely pig, great outdoors, very maternal, has a good nature. I just loved keeping pigs and hope to again in the future.

    Good luck with the move and the new venture into pigs, enjoy!
    Best Wishes
    Sara @ farmingfriends

    Posted 6 years ago #
  5. pinkpoultry

    Aww thanks! Thats brilliant, to the point, great, I tried reading on the defra/ website and its a bit "waffley"
    I am going to buy some books from you, as we will be expanding the poultry as well, so Im looking into Quail and Guinea Fowl as well as my lovely ducks and chickens and turkeys!
    Thanks again :o) I shall ring the local health dept so everything is in order before we get the piggies. Oooo exciting! xxx

    Posted 6 years ago #
  6. Hi Laura,
    Glad the info was useful. If you do want any books please let me know before you order them and then I can give you 10% discount.
    Can't wait to hear all about the piggies, they are a joy to keep.
    There is alot of info on my main site about pigs If you look at the site map page under pigs you will see th articles listed.
    Best Wishes
    Sara @ farmingfriends

    Posted 6 years ago #

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