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Pig license

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  • Started 6 years ago by ellied
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  1. ellied

    I have a CPH number but no licenses for my 2 pet pigs. The middle white my husband rescued from a farm after was told by the farmer he was going to knock it on the head, as just a little runt and going to die, then suddenly it was worth some money when my husband said he would take it! And the other is a Kune kune, which when I collected they didn't have the paperwork to hand and I have now lost there contact details to obtain the information I require, I know all very bad of me. But now how can I register them/get them a license? Help.

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  2. Hello im sure Sara ( Admin ) will be along to offer some advice soon, in the meantime theres good information in this link

    it seems the people you got the pigs from should have known better and helped you out, my thoughts are all you can do is approach your local animal officer at your council and explain your situation and hope they are helpful to you

    mo x
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  3. Hi ellied,
    I used to keep pigs. Are you talking about a movement license or are you talking about registering the pigs to the BPA (British Pig Association) which you do if the pigs are pedigree. If the kune kune is a pedigree kune kune or from pedigree kune kune pigs then you could try to look up the parent kune kune pigs on the BPA website to find the owners address. If your kune kune pig was born on the previous owners property then their ear tag number may be similar to the parents number, that is if yours has been ear tagged.
    With regards to a movement license, the previous owners should have given you a movement license with their details on when you took the pig from their property or sent it onto to you later, they would need it for their records as well as you needing it for yours. Here is a link to a user guide of the movement licenses that may be useful
    Hope you get this sorted.
    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfriends

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  4. Hi
    As you have a CPH number you can apply for a herd number at your local AHVLA office. Explain the circumstances and give as much information as you can regarding the source. You will then be given a herd number for the pigs. Its a bit late for a movement licence as they are already on your land.That will be you all legally squared up with Defra. You will need a herd register to log the pigs on your land and a medicine book to record any treatments or wormers etc.And of course you cannot feed your pigs anything that has passed through a kitchen even fruit and veg.

    Pedigree registration is not a legal requirementbut if you wish to see if yours are pedigree the MW will have a tattoo in her ear plus an ear tag unless it has come out and you will have a hole. If she doesn't have either then give up on the idea as it will be impossible to check who she is. If she does you can look her up via the BPA. But the Kune Kune have their own society that deals with registration but again she will need identification in her ear to be able to work out who she is.

    Consider attending a pig keeping course there are a few around the country
    good luck
    Tedfold Cottage Farm

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