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Water shortage and water metering

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  • Started 7 years ago by campbell ridge
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  1. campbell ridge

    Just a note on water meters: We are careful of the water we consume as part of the process of recycling and ecology as much as comfortably possible in our lives, but we have all the usual appliances in the home and being on a water meter has proved a lot cheaper than we expected. I reckon it's about half the cost of unmetered water. When we moved here 6 years ago it was just the two of us, paying £9pm now we have a household of 5 plus 9 ducks, it is only £11pm even with daily showers, dishwasher and washing. I think the intention of installing meters nationwide will help enormously as it will make people more aware and not waste a precious and endangered resource.

    Sarah L
    Posted 7 years ago #
  2. Katydid

    I really do agree with you. We are in Devon with (I understand) the highest price of water in the UK and we pay about £24 per month for 2 people, 50 ducks, 40 hens, 5 ponds. Most people we know down here not on a metre pay far more than we do and without all the extra mouths to water.

    But we do whatever we can to collect water and use that.

    No holidays, too many birds.
    Posted 7 years ago #
  3. Mama

    As I said on Mo's post yesterday Sarah ,yes metered water is so much cheaper for all .We don't waste water either and a washing up bowl in the sink shows how much one wastes,how many think of that ? .Yes we all have mod cons now or most do and such a shame the grey water cannot be used but with septic taks it cannot .If only all the water boards would fix the millions of gallons wasted then am sure no one would be on bans .Sadly some people who go on to metered after having water rates do not as it is so much cheaper . We either do or do not care but at the end of the day we all do what we can .Our veg not only keep us going through the summer but winter too and like you all we love our animals and home grown veg . If and hope not I have to use tap water which is full of chlorine I will not because I want to but to keep my veggies growing .Think we all agree on the eco side .Mama

    Goose Girl
    Posted 7 years ago #

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