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Storage of Quail Eggs

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  • Started 6 years ago by rhondafaust
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  1. rhondafaust

    Hello Farming Friends. I am very new to this forum and new to keeping quail. My 12-year-old son and I have 12 jumbo brown coturnix quail in (2) breading cages. Each cage houses (4) hens and (2) roos. The quail are 5 weeks now and we just woke up this morning to find our first egg! We're reading as much as we can on the proper way to store quail eggs for hatching. We live in Houston, so it's rather warm here and will get much warmer. We have deduced that we cannot keep the eggs out of doors. Your notes say to keep the eggs around 55 degrees Fahrenheit, but not to refrigerate them. Our home is around 75 degrees. It would seem we need another option for storage. Can any of you give us some examples of how you store your quail eggs at proper temperatures for hatching? We appreciate it.

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  2. Hi Rhonda,
    Welcome to the farmingfriends forum. I live in the UK and have kept quail before. I usually store my eggs at room temp but then the temps in the UK are lower than in Houston. Are you intending on storing this first egg and collecting all the eggs laid from now on to hatch or are you just thinking ahead? It may be a little early to use the first eggs as they may not be fertile, I usually give it a couple of weeks of laying so that the breeding has got well under way and the eggs are more likely to be fertile.
    Do you have a pantry where the temps are abit colder or a room in the house where the temps are not so high?
    Kind regards
    sara @ farmingfriends

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  3. Wolfyhybrid

    Hi, rhonda. I have been breeding quail for many years and one of the things i have noticed is that when someone new to quail breeding looks all over the internet for ways to do things they simply read to much. yes you must get your incubator temps right, i set mine at 99.8f. humidity around 50%. these settings should see a hatch from 15 to 18 days. regarding storage of eggs I tend to rely on mother nature, example...In the wild a quail will lay 1 egg a day in her nest but she will not sit to incubate until all 8 to 10 are laid, so what i do is once i see her lay her first egg then secound and so on I leave them there in the pen and collect them all after 8 to 10 days. i dont store them or do anything that nature wouldn`t do to them, simply incubate them! only 2 times have i ever had a quail hatch her own and they were both jumbo quail but its very rare that they will do this. I know every quail breeder has their own way and advice on breeding but this is an example of how i do it.
    good luck

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  4. rhondafaust

    Thank you, Sara and Rob for sharing your experiences. Sara, in answer to your question, we are "thinking ahead". We have enough quail at present for purposes of egg production for our use around the house, but we are thinking to the future about ensuring (or maybe even expanding at some point) our egg-laying population. I am going to look around the house for some places which might tend to be a little cooler than others. I think our caveat here in Houston will be temperature; we seem to have humidity to spare. We are also in the process of moving our quail to a set-up that is outdoors. Right now they are comfortably housed in units within our garage workshop. But I think they would like to be outside where they can take in the sunshine and summer breezes. We've built a nice hutch for them that we plan to install under a shady oleander tree in the corner of our garden. All that remains is to build and attach the roof. This set-up would be a colony hutch, so at whatever point we decide we want eggs for hatching, we'll have to pull a few hens and a roo back into one of the breeding cages. My husband hated the idea of keeping quail at first, but even he is starting to enjoy them now. Our son loves the little noises the roosters make, and was over the moon to find that first egg. Thanks for the advice!

    Posted 6 years ago #

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