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Legal Number of Ducks

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  • Started 6 years ago by admin
  • Latest reply from Devon Cream

  1. Hi all,

    Here is a post by hujh2012

    "Hi there Sara I have one of those neighbours from hell and they moan for the sake of moaning. One day everthing is okay then a few days later everything is not , you get the drift.
    Well they are moaning about my ducks saying they are making noises all through the night but I am not that far away from them and dont hear them except on odd occaisions.
    They have counted the amount that I have and have now threatened to take the matter further. We live in a typical country village but these neighbours are townies I think and keep saying that we are not in the country.

    I was wondering if you or anyone else knows how many ducks one can keep on their property bearing in mind it is not a smallholding but my garden is quite substantial.
    I know that I have to register if I keep more than 50 but I only have 20."

    Mo's reply,

    "Hi I only have 8 ducks and to be honest they can be very loud day and night at this time of the year especially if there are drakes present, I do worry what my neighbours think, I to live in a village
    I dont think there is a law as such on numbers but the RSPCA Welfare Standards recommened 1 duck per 4sq metre out doors and 5 ducks per 1 square meter housed over night so you will have to do your own sums on that one,
    if your neighbours make a complaint to the council regarding noise the council will contact you, your neighbour and yourself will have to keep a diary of noise and if they wish the council can install a sound monitor on your property to determin if infact the ducks are causing a noise nuisense
    hope it doesnt come to that as you can be forced to give up some or all of your ducks."

    Posted 6 years ago #
  2. duskhunter

    I too have a neighbour that will complain about the noise our three donkeys made but never gave a thought about the noise his 200 cows made especially at calving time! Or his farm dogs often all through the night.

    Mo is right about the council diary but they do take into account that animals make more noise at certain times and that that is not necessarily considered a nuisance. Chickens when they lay an egg for example can be quite noisy but cockerels
    crowing frequently is considered a nuisance, I think it must be the decibel level.

    Dogs barkiing is considered a nuisance if they are persistent not if they bark when someone visits for example as that is often why people keep dogs, as an alarm.

    I would definitely keep your own diary too just in case your neighbours 'exaggerate'.

    I am not sure how much depends on whether you are in the country or not, maybe if you are a registered small holding your neighbours might be expected to tolerate more animals noises than usual - it would for example be ridiculous for me to complain about the farmer's cows making a noise as he is a farm and we knew that when we moved here. His dogs though are a different case.

    It seems even the council practise reason so good luck and let us know how you get on it is of interest to all of us who keep animals.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  3. dallascriftins

    In the US they seem to have all sort of crazy laws especially re Cockerels but here I like to think common sense prevails however it is always worth checking the local council offices for related by laws we all live on top of each other and neighbourly tolerance is not always as good as it ought to be so even if you are doing nothing wrong it can still cause friction.

    One thing to consider the deeds for the property you live in are there animal related Covenants as these can be peculiar I had one 300 year old house with a flying freehold which stated I had right of access to next doors kitchen and another for a 200 year Victorian Terrace that stated I had to maintain the gas lamp in the back alley, the lamp went before WWII!

    Not a noise thing but I have a neighbour that simply will not maintain their conifer hedges to a sensible height despite it interfering with my garage roof until forced to and I think I will have to resort to the local council this time.

    Posted 5 years ago #
  4. duskhunter

    It is in fact very difficult to enforce any of the laws people here have spoken of and unlikely that the noise the ducks make will be consistent enough on a long term basis for your neighbour's complaint to be upheld.
    One of my neighbours disliked another neighbour's dogs barking and tried to get the RSPCA to become involved as they were actually kept in a small run which was full of dog faeces, they were never ever exercised either which was so sad. The RSPCA wouldn't get involved saying actual cruelty had to be an issue and they didn't class the lack of exercise or dog faeces to be a cruelty issue.
    The council said a record had to be kept for three weeks at least and show that there was an unreasonable level of noise for a sustained period of time throughout the day. It is actually very difficult to prove this. A few minutes a day every so often wouldn't meet the nuisance criteria even if it went on through the night.
    It is a shame your neighbours aren't relaxed enough to enjoy the ducks. I love the noise my neighbour's chickens make when they lay an egg, they obviously want the world to know how clever they have been.
    I really wouldn't be overly worried about having to downsize your family I think it is unlikely to get that far.

    Posted 5 years ago #
  5. Devon Cream

    Regarding neighbour's hedges if they are on the neighbour's land and branches are hanging out over your land then you are supposed to cut them off and return all the trimmings to the neighbour.

    I found that doing this a couple of times encouraged the neighbour to trim my side at the same time as doing his own so that he could dispose of ALL the trimmings at the same time!

    Posted 5 years ago #

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