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Hen cannot stand or walk

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  1. Hi All,
    Talisa has just messaged the farmingfriends facebook page.

    "Hello! I have a chicken help question! Yesterday, after being gone for 4hrs I came home to a chicken that could not stand or walk. When I left she was fine. I looked her all over and there were no signs of injury and her leg/foot was in working order with no cuts or sores. We had her up and sitting on our fingers and her grip is fine.When she does try to stand she extends her neck and drops her butt, then will fall to one side. When we looked her over the first time it seemed her belly had a hard place and her bottome looked like she was trying to lay an egg so we put her in a warm bath for 30mins. Then we did another exam and could not feel any eggs but the exam caused her to poo and it was yoke yellow. We have had issues with her egg laying in the past but never causing her not to walk. Currently we have her seperated in a small cage with food and water and covered. She is eating but will not walk but a few steps. Any clue what is going on? Thanks! Talisa

    Any advice?
    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfriends

    Posted 5 years ago #
  2. Hi All,
    Talisa has messaged again on facebook,
    Hello again, I am hate to say this but I found one of the healthy hens dead yesterday in the coop. It looked like she just fell over dead as she was on her back. Again nothing wrong as far as I can see. This was 8 days after the first chicken was found unable to walk. That chicken is doing a lot better but since this happend she is in isolation another week--14 days. I now have the flock all on meds in their water and vitamins in their food. I am not sure if these two things are connected or not. The second chicken was fine an hr before she was found dead. She showed no signs of illness, other than having a dull comb I noticed the day before, but acted fine. No one else is showing any signs either but I thought medicating might help. Do you have any clue what is going on? After the first one got sick we completly cleaned out the coops, food and water dishes. We found nothing--no mold or bugs. We have checked each for bugs and nothing. We have searched the yard and found nothing strange. Thanks again.

    Any advice gratefully received.
    Sara @ farmingfriends

    Posted 5 years ago #
  3. Hi Sara, im just wondering where Talisa lives, im on 2 different groups on fb where alot of people are reporting sudden deaths of chickens and now ducks, most but not all live in Northamptonshire, one lady alone has lost 25 birds in 2 weeks and that includes a cockeral and 2 maybe 3 ducks, some have shown signs of illness some seem fine then fit and die, its a real worry for all bird owners and as my next door county im slightly concerned as to what it is

    mo x
    Posted 5 years ago #

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