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My goose is sad and angry

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  1. Peacefaery

    Hi I have a 6-8 month old roman tufted goose who lives inside (we have her diaper trained) and she started laying eggs a few weeks ago.
    As she has been laying them they have been getting bigger but we also have been taking them away from the nest everytime she lays. Last night she sat in her box until it was our bed time and we had to bring her in... Mainly incase she honks during the night and disturbs our neighbors. Well when I tried to coax her out it was a fight and the sad honking sounds that she was making was heart breaking. Will she grow out of this? She doesnt have any other bird friends she only has a family of rabbits to watch over and access to a giant kids pool( refilled every two days) and a small wading pool... Is that enough to keep her happy as we cannot keep another waterfowl where we are living at the moment. I have only noticed this sad behavior in the last few days otherwise she is quite the cheeky sweet
    Goose... Always wanting attention by grabbing things she knows we use and running off with it through the house once noticed. Her favorite is toilet paper.... She unraveled a whole roll around the house before anyone noticed... She's quite when she is sneaky. I want her to be happy and cheeky again... Does anyone have any suggestions for how I should remove the eggs without upsetting her.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  2. aww bless her the instinct to go broody is very strong fertile eggs or not, I think she is saying thank you for keeping me warm and dry indoors but im a big girl now and want to live outdoors, if she has a nice safe house im sure she will be ok outdoors and very much doubt she would honk through the night as they dont want to tell predators where they are, maybe you could try her out doors on a weekend when maybe if she did disrupt your neighbours it wouldnt be as bad as on a work day, maybe let them know you plan on doing it just incase, it would be nice though if you could get her a friend

    mo x
    Posted 6 years ago #
  3. Mama

    Hi,she is obviously a well cared for and loved goose .She should come off the nest to eat and drink even if she has gone broody so perhaps you could grab the eggs then .She could stay outside at night too depending on the safety of the house and would be better for her and may put her off being broody if she is .They don't honk in the night usually but do start early in the morning ,you could try it and see what happens .I did keep geese 4 and heard no sound at night from them .As for happy she does sound it but as with all birds they do like company of there own sort. A problem if you can't have another goose .Good luck on retreiving the eggs without a fight . Mama

    Goose Girl
    Posted 6 years ago #

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