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Bobwhite Quail

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  1. MMA193

    I have many questions on Bobwhite Quail. I want to know the different kinds of Bobwhite. I know there are more than a couple breeds like the Georgia Giant, Wisconsin, etc. I want to know if they are able to fly. I have a source that is looking to buy these quail from me. I can't sell them to my source unless they fly. They use these quail for training hunting dogs and for practicing hunting. It would be great if they can fly and also be meaty. Some basic information on what week they mature, and lay eggs, etc. would be greatly appreciated. If they are good layers and are a good size and fly I would replace the Coturnix I have with these Bobwhites. Thank you very much!

    Posted 6 years ago #
  2. Wolfyhybrid

    Bobwhite quail can fly and are hunted for use as a table bird. they are the same to keep as your coturnix quail but incubation time is longer...20 - 23 days. You will find that bobwhite quail are not as tame and easy going as your coturnix ( Japenese quail ) which is why they are used for training the dogs as they are much more flighty, when startled they will fly for about five secounds but cover about a 100 feet. Expect the hen to lay approx 100 eggs in a year. they grow to approx 7 inches in height. They take a bit longer to mature than your coturnix, around four to four and a half months before they are ready to lay their first egg.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  3. MMA193

    Hey Wolf!
    Thanks! I really appreciate it. I have some offers for people wanting Bobwhite quail. I want to start a quail business so it would be great to know the Basic Info. I got into my research and learned a lot. Thank you so much for this useful info!

    Posted 6 years ago #

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