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Her Neck's bent backwards

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  • Started 5 years ago by 175chickscheepers225
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  1. 175chickscheepers225

    Quail chick's neck is bent. Because it is, her head goes straight up and when she walks she'll flip over backwards, roll, chirp and kick her legs to get herself upright and then flip over again! She can't walk correctly because her head's like this. She seems to keep closing her right eye.

    Posted 5 years ago #
  2. there are members on here who keep quail hopefully they will be able to offer advice when they see this but it doesnt sound good you could try making a neck collar to hold the head in the right position people have done that with ducklings but quail are so tiny it wont be easy

    mo x
    Posted 5 years ago #
  3. Hi, As Mo says you can make a neck collar to get the head in the right position. this condition could be stargazing. Will see if there is info on here about it. Here are some links re star gazing
    Hope the quail gets better soon. Kind regards
    sara @ farmingfriends

    Posted 5 years ago #
  4. Wolfyhybrid

    Hi, Chick`. I have had this problem with quail chicks when buying fertile eggs off the internet in winter. i very rarely have this problem when buying in summer and not at all when i incubate from my own breeding quail. Cause is a lack of natural vitamins. head thrown back , or star-gazing is a classic sighn of a lack of vitamin E in the parent bird. Wheatgerm provides vitamin E. You now see why winter breeding has more defective chicks....because the parent birds are housed under lights to encourage laying they are not getting enough vitimans from their food diet, birds kept out in natural sunlight where the parent birds can scratch around to find insects that are full of vitimans do produce stronger healthy chicks. The sad news is that I have never had a chick with this condition live for too long infact, and I am sorry to say, I usually put it out of its misery.

    Posted 5 years ago #

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