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Keeping Duck Eggs Clean

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    Sara @ farmingfriends

    Hi All,
    Does anyone know how to keep duck eggs clean when the ducks are laying. My khaki campbell ducks have recently started to lay and even when the straw is fresh the duck eggs are dirty and soiled.
    How do the duck eggs that end up in the supermarket look so clean?
    Any tips appreciated as I want to start to sell my duck eggs.
    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfriends


    Hi Sara

    This is a good point - as we were always being told that duck eggs were unsafe to eat because the bacteria from the outside of the shell somehow got into the egg. Was this an old wive's tale? Whatever, it must be important to keep the eggs clean, so it will be interesting to see if anyone answers your question.

    Posted 9 years ago #
  2. Managment is the key to clean eggs. In chickens we use wire slatted floor to scrape the dirt off their feet before they entered the nesting box. Some people used wire floor nesting boxes that had the floor sloping away so the eggs rolled away and could not be stepped on. Regular collection of eggs also helps. We had large nesting boxes with a conveyer tray, we used to collect the eggs and place them in the conveyor at the end of the day we would start the conveyor, and pack them. It is going to be hard on small scale production as you cannot wait around for eggs to be laid. Maybe the nesting box with a sloped floor could be used.

    Posted 9 years ago #
  3. campbell ridge

    One of my females eggs never has a mark on it, the other is often mucky. I have heard that a slightly damp sponge is ok as long as the eggs arent saturated as they are v porous. The other alternative is to sand them clean with fine sandpaper.

    Sarah L
    Posted 9 years ago #
  4. I think washing eggs of any kind makes them seconds and not fit for human consumtion. They go for liquid egg or to be powdered. but you can scrap it off. If they are to be washed they have to be washed with a sanitiser egg wash. I am going to try a roll away nesting box so once the egg is laid it will roll away when she gets of the egg, this will keep her feet off the egg, as this is what is causing the problem. Good managment is the key to clean eggs. Have fresh saving in the house and maybe a weldmesh walk way into the house to try and clean off any dirt before she enters into the nesting box.

    Posted 9 years ago #
  5. Hi Vernon,
    Welsome to the farmingfriends forum and thanks for your contributions. You are right eggs cannot be washed when they are to be sold in shops or farmer's markets. I think that if you are just giving your eggs to friends and family then they can be washed but you must wash them in water that is warmer than the egg so that the water doesn't penetrate the pores of the shell.
    Kind regards
    sara @ farmingfriends

    Posted 9 years ago #

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