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Need help, chicks and turkey babies dying

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  • Started 6 years ago by pinkpoultry
  • Latest reply from Lorna

  1. pinkpoultry

    I have had lots of deaths recently with my chicks and baby turkeys, lost all my turkeys except 2, started off with 10, 1 looks like its going to die soon, closed eyes and lethargic.
    All the chicks together look lethargic and 1 by 1 they are slowly dying. They gasp for air and are all floppy.
    I have no idea what's going on, some of the turkeys are from the same place, and a couple of the chicks, which have all died/are dying, but the other chicks that I hatched, I have lost some of those too.
    This is heart breaking watching them die as I dont know what to do. I have just gone onto ebay and bought
    -Coxoid for treatment of coccidosis-if its even that!?!?
    -NAF Lifeguard poultry tonic
    -Apple cider and garlic vinegar.
    But these are going to take a few days to get here.
    I did try with one of the chicks giving it sugary water, but it died.
    After these lot. I give up.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  2. pinkpoultry

    One chick has just died in my hands.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  3. campbell ridge

    This is very saddening for you and also for the little chicks.
    I think that perhaps the disease was in the eggs that you received and it could then have been spread to any other eggs/chicks you have got from elsewhere. Without an autopsy or veterinary care it is hard to know what the problem is.

    Sarah L
    Posted 6 years ago #
  4. Lorna

    Hi Laura,
    Oh that is so sad for you I am sorry to hear that. It is so nerve racking knowing what it could be. A PM would know best.
    I remember someone losing all their call ducks last year and I forget what caused it, it might have been Duck Viral enterities or something (sp). A pm told them what it was.

    You take care Laura

    Posted 6 years ago #

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