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Off to collect our three geese today

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  • Started 5 years ago by duskhunter
  • Latest reply from dallascriftins

  1. duskhunter

    We are off to collect our three Steinbacher geese today, so excited it has been two years since we lost Henrietta our rescue goose and we have missed her terribly. She used to sit by me in my little study whilst I did my office work but I'm not sure there will be room for three it is a very small room!
    This is a picture of Henrietta greeting the goose in the mirror outside my little study. She used to look behind the mirror to see where the other goose was after a while. Like our pet pigs geese are very bright!

    Posted 5 years ago #
  2. What a fabulous photo. It's just great that our animals can bring us such joy.
    Best Wishes
    Sara @ farmingfriends

    Posted 5 years ago #
  3. dallascriftins

    Where are you getting them from? I like the look of the markings on Steinbacher geese I have also been considering some Brecon Buffs as well as I like the pink bills and feet, how do they compare size wise?

    did your geese play with toys?

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  4. duskhunter

    Well, isn't that strange as I was actually looking at Brecon Buffs at the time the steinbachers caught my eye and Chris Ashton in North Wales where we got the Steinbacher's from also has some Brecon Buffs. I think they looked a little bigger but the thing against them for me was that they stripped the bark off young trees etc more than the steinbachers and I am really into plants and the garden.
    The geese and all our animlas have free reign over all our land which is why we don't have chickens because of the potential damage they do to plants, having said that the ducks sat on and flattened two groups of beautiful red tulips last year.
    The steinbacher is supposed to be quieter than a lot of geese and really good with people and as pets which together with their pretty lilac colouring swung it for us.
    I am hoping Lucy will have babies this spring for us which will be raised to be tame.
    I am not sure how many there are in England they are not very common yet and don't breed for many years either, but we will be doing our bit to bring them to the West of England anyway.

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  5. dallascriftins

    I am in Ellesmere North Shropshire I thought you may have gone there. I have some of their books and is going to be my first port of call when I am allowed to buy some Geese.... The Pomeranian also looks appealing if you are in to you Tube

    this channel is great

    Get the Flash Video

    My Chickens, Ducks, Sheep and as of today, two Shetland Ponies share two paddocks.

    We did once try to grow garden variety plants and established a small Orchard as well but we are on very heavy clay the fruit trees languished for years but are holding on just. Here the rabbits also strip bark. most of the decent garden variety plants have long gone so I dug a big pond and have reverted the land to paddocks with just Birch, Alders, Bamboos and Berberis and some Viburnum about the only survivors plus spring bulb Daffodils and Snowdrops my Children are beyond the playing in the field stage so the Animals have taken over mainly to serve as lawn mowers :)

    And yes I am aiming to keep (her) chickens out of my remaining formal Garden I had some Mysotis Hortensis (Chatham Island Forget-me-not) that I had grown from seed and the holigans have scratched that out :)

    Posted 5 years ago #
  6. dallascriftins

    Ps what I would be interested in knowing is how much grass and to what length do geese eat.

    what size is your grazing for the three you have bought?

    Does it need to be short i.e. mown or pre grazed do geese complement other grazing animals or compete with them?

    When I bought my runner ducks the people there had about a 1/3rd of an acre extremely well grazed by a hand full of typical farm sheep.

    What surprised me is the owner told me Geese would do a better job.

    I found that hard to believe surely a similar amount of Sheep would eat more.

    I have just over an acre of grazing split into two pastures and will be subdivided using barrier fencing for rotation and recovery

    What I want to achieve with my 4 little sheep (my Soays are about the size of my Dalmatian) and Shetland ponies and X amount of Geese? is zero mowing that kind of info is not readily available. and I do not want to over graze as then I will end up spending on feed instead of saving money on petrol for the mower

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  7. duskhunter

    I am a little concerned that I may run short of grazing if I have any more geese though I would like other breeds too. We are in 2 and a half acres in total and the cottage stands on some of that. The Pommeranians are gorgeous but fond of tree bark too and I wanted light breeds of geese, though I have to say these birds do not look small.

    The local farmer complained about the braying of the donkeys though they only did that as a greeting and his 200 cows made more noise. However I decided it would be best to get quiet geese which ruled out Chinese and African's. In the end I thought the nature of the Steinbacher sounded lovely gentle, quiet and loves people becomes very tame seemed to tick all the boxes.

    We have 26 ducks, three geese, and two miniature shetland ponies. Previously we had three donkeys too and that was definitely too many animals without the geese and ducks we bought an old horse trailer to ferry our grazing animals to wherever we knew there was grazing going begging for a few weeks to give ours a rest.

    Without the donkeys we manage fine but the year we had a drought it was disaster and last year when we had a drought in March, prime growing time, it gave us problems and we had to ship the ponies off to a friend 40 miles away.

    Geese are said to need grass 4" long but when we had our first rescue goose she used to manage with whatever was available without strangling herself with long blades of grass, she just avoided those pieces.

    Posted 5 years ago #
  8. dallascriftins

    Ok thanks for that I may be at capacity already then. I best wait and see how the Ponies and Sheep impact the grass before getting any Geese. I have been planning this for over a year and the recent heavy rain really messed those plans up rather a lot.

    My 8 ducks have made a massive mess of a good chunk of the field as I had them penned in a relatively small space whilst doing the fencing I can't imagine what 25 would do :)

    With sheep and ponies bought and paid for it has been a real battle to get the fencing done in the forced holiday that my company insist we take over Xmas otherwise I would have taken the time off earlier and done the fencing in the Autumn.

    There is a small paddock opposite our bungalow belonging to a neighbour and if I need to rest any of mine I will ask if I can use that for the ponies.

    Posted 5 years ago #
  9. dallascriftins

    How are the Steinbachers getting on?
    We are off to Ashtons tomorrow to look at 3 Brecon Buffs he is selling for a friend.

    I thought about what you said re stripping bark off trees but we hardly have any bark left now as the sheep and ponies have already taken most of it it off Oddly they have avoided the Greengages and Plums but the Apple trees (that were due to be grubbed out anyway) and an ornamental cheery have now seen there last days! so now they will serve as scratching posts!

    Posted 5 years ago #
  10. duskhunter

    Hi Dalla,
    Geese are doing well no eggs as yet but also no damage to any plants etc.
    I know what you mean about ponies and we had donkeys too ringing trees.
    The ducks have made the grassy paths mud but I am hoping the grass will grow through that soon.
    It was Chris Ashton who advised which breeds of geese were the worst/best for the garden. I think all the buffs look so pretty.

    Posted 5 years ago #
  11. dallascriftins

    Well we now have two Brecon Buff Geese, Chris's friend Nick who owned all three decided to ask Chris to keep the Gander for him as they are clearly attached and I think he hopes if circumstance change to have him back.

    The two birds were good as gold in the Dog crate on the way home they are now in our "Kennel Tractor" that used to house the Ducks - tomorrow Karen will take them down to the pond where they can meet the ducks before they go foraging.

    Sadly I will miss the fun as I have to go to Derby to work most of next week.

    Posted 5 years ago #

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