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First duck eggs of the year

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  • Started 5 years ago by duskhunter
  • Latest reply from dallascriftins

  1. duskhunter

    We haven't had any eggs now from our ducks since the beginnng of December but now that the days are starting to lengthen, be it ever so slowly, I am hopeful of the ducks starting to lay again perhaps by the end of the month.

    Would be interested to know when everyone else has their first eggs of the year or maybe some of your ducks haven't stopped laying?

    Posted 5 years ago #
  2. dallascriftins

    Dunno about Eggs but I saw my first new spring? lambs yesterday in an open field, twins as well

    Posted 5 years ago #
  3. duskhunter

    On the way to Tavistock this afternoon to get grain for the animals and a couple of rat traps, we saw hosts of golden daffodils and doing some gardening today my snowdrops are about to burst open along with some fat yellow daffodil buds.
    All the buds on the shrubs now have their Spring foliage they were just brown buds before Christmas.

    Last March we had a drought - although I don't want that I wouldn't mind some of the mud drying up where the ducks and ponies walk it is treacherous underfoot.

    I have noticed the drakes guarding the females again. They huddle in the bushes muttering all day.

    Posted 5 years ago #
  4. duskhunter

    found an egg in the garden but expect it is one from last year am I brave enough to risk the smell and crack it open just to see?
    Well just done so and it is not from this year but just has a slight smell to it not bad when I think of how long it must have been in the garden a double yolker too - hurry up girls.

    The pond levels have fallen and I have just fished out a black and stinking egg bobbing about on top of the water.

    Posted 5 years ago #
  5. duskhunter

    So egcited, first egg of the year from the girls, still warm when I picked it up, pale blue, nearly fell out of the door when I opened it.
    Also, in another spot, one of the ducks had scraped all the bedding away and formed a perfect circle in the corner but with a bare floor, no egg so I think it may have been one of the drakes again trying to show the girls that he can provide a good home for them - trouble is, he is obviously not aware that ladies like comfort!

    Posted 5 years ago #
  6. duskhunter

    A second duck has started laying now egg looks as though it has a torpedo style end to it.
    We have two Saxony x girls that haven't laid for us before as far as we know so I am wondering if their eggs are slightly different.

    I think this is just that it may be the first for a long time for that particular duck and took her by surprise - certainly did us!

    Mo, could you give ny advice on cctv in the duck house I would love to know which birds are laying which eggs and how they all sleep at night etc. Ray scrambled out of the metal feeder this morning when I opened the door, couldn't have been the warmest place to sleep.

    Posted 5 years ago #
  7. this is the system we have but there's loads about now,
    We have a sound camera on the ducks which is handy, after 3 years of watching them its not easy to tell who lays which egg infact its near on impossible but is very good for understanding more what ducks get up to in the night, you will be surprised what does go on lol
    You can just put a single camera in the shed like the ones you get for bird boxes which can plug straight into the back of a tv but that only gives you the option to view live, with these machines they are constantly recording so in the morning you can re wind and stop and watch what ever bits you want to, they can of course be used anywhere around your property not just in the shed

    mo x
    Posted 5 years ago #
  8. duskhunter

    Thanks for the info Mo, looks like I am going to have to save a bit for the one you have which as you say gives the whole 24hrs.

    Two duck eggs this morning, can't wait for the geese to start laying, though there has been no amorous behaviour from Norman toward the girls yet and we would love babies from them.

    Posted 5 years ago #
  9. dallascriftins

    First ever Duck egg for us yesterday pic on our blog here

    It was laid approx 16:30-17:00 yesterday evening beside the pond, it was still warm when I picked it up

    odd time to lay an egg?

    This morning I found another one almost in the same place again warm but a soft egg with hardly any shell.

    We broke it in to a cup and it smelled decidedly odd so gave it to the dog.

    I do not think I have ever eaten or cooked with Duck eggs, do Duck eggs smell from time to time?

    We did then break the hard shelled egg from yesterday into a separate cup no smell from that one.

    I think both came from our Runners.

    Posted 5 years ago #
  10. I have one girl who lays most of her eggs late afternoon so dont worry about that.
    Cooking with duck eggs is no different than useing chicken eggs but they are richer so especially good for bakeing Theres no reason for a smell from any egg unless its off so personally I wouldnt even give it to a dog although some members do and dont worry about the soft shell that should stop once their bodies get into a good routine
    this link shows what happens in the makeing of an egg so with so much to happen timing isnt a science and neither is a perfect egg lol

    mo x
    Posted 5 years ago #
  11. dallascriftins

    One of our Runners died this week.
    Monday morning fine, Monday afternoon she was a bit slower than the rest coming out of the pond at bed time but otherwise nothing odd. We picked up and checked her over on the off chance I thought atthe time maybe she had a sore foot or something

    The following morning she was stone cold dead on top of another shell-less and smelly egg.

    So now we know who was laying the odd eggs but not what had gone wrong with her

    We are now down to five ducks and two drakes.

    One duck is laying almost daily now but we don't know which one or even if it is actually only one

    We have had Duck scrambled egg and Duck Muffins so far!

    I have to say I can't tell the difference which is great as one of my boys is really fussy about anything new, for some reason I thought they would taste different :)

    Posted 5 years ago #
  12. Devon Cream

    Awww - I just hate it when something dies and I don't know why!

    I am new to the idea of ducks as this wet weather has made the small watering place quite a bit bigger and neighbours used to have ducks on their watering place. However, I am finding it difficult to get any encouragement about having some.

    So what is the attraction and what made the rest of you duck-keepers have ducks?

    Posted 5 years ago #
  13. Hi dallascriftins,

    Sorry to hear about your runner duck, it's terrible when we lose one of our birds. Hope the rest are ok.

    Hi Devon Cream,

    I kept khaki campbells as they are great layers, they are also enjoyable to keep, they tend to stay close to the house so you can keep an eye on them and they are fun to watch especially when they are splashing about in water.

    Best Wishes
    Sara @ farmingfriends

    Posted 5 years ago #
  14. dallascriftins

    06/03 A first and the Ducks beat the Chickens to it!
    We have five female ducks and there were five eggs in the shed this morning so a full house!

    We have 11 Chickens and I wonder how long they will take to produce a full house!

    We have also switched them to wood shavings as bedding.
    So much nicer.

    Posted 5 years ago #
  15. campbell ridge

    I keep white campbells and last year introduced two young khaki campbells. I keep ducks because they are great fun to watch and produce wonderful tasty eggs, great for cake making and general purpose too, but they are not really tame like chickens, though much hardier and less prone to disease. They do however make a mess of any garden, quickly turning it into a mud bath when its raining (WHEN it's raining?)Their duck house is also rather smelly in the mornings, but they are so comical and have great character.
    My khaki's lay all through the winter, the whites don't.

    Sarah L
    Posted 5 years ago #
  16. dallascriftins

    Well the Ducks are still winning they are out laying the Chickens (11 Chickens Versus 5 Ducks) so well outnumbered!

    So far the only failure as far as duck eggs are concerned is scrambled egg it just isn't the same in texture or taste unless there a technique to it?

    Posted 5 years ago #

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