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lame duck 2yo pekin drake

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  1. crystden

    Hi all, am new to group. I have a 2 yo pekin drake that is favoring his leg or foot. He doesn't enter the pond much with the others, and he mostly sits next to pond. he forages a little with others, but not much. we had a very cold spell about 2 weeks ago, altho' he seemed ok at the time; he could have gotten a blackberry thorn, but I don't see anything in his foot; it could be a leg tendon, I don't know. I have him isolated in the barn now in a large pen with straw bedding. he is drinking some water with vitamin mix in it, but he is barely eating his food. he barely poops since not eating much, but his stool is firm, dark. he seems somewhat lethargic, when he was out by pond sitting yesterday I noticed his breathing seemed labored. any ideas, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. (I looked on his feet to see if bumblefoot; he does have the 2 large dark pads on center of each foot, & a couple small dark spots on edge of the bottom of foot, but it doesn't look infected or anything? it has been 3 days now

    Posted 5 years ago #
  2. Hi crystden,
    Sorry to hear your duck is unwell.I have read that they sometimes limp if they have worms, could he have worms.
    I had a duck that went off her food and was very quiet so I took her to the vets and the vet thought she might have pasturella - this is what I wrote about it at the time on here.

    "Hi All,
    Just wanted to let you know that I have taken little Princess the duck to the vets today as she was still not eating and she seemed to be shivering even though I have had the heat lamp on for her. she has been drinking, but wouldn't even eat the ducks favourite which is boiled egg.

    Her droppings have been very infrequent and a very dark green. I found on the internet her symptoms and it was for pasteurella or fowl cholera.

    Vet was great, he was really gentle with her. He really examined her and couldn't feel that anything was obviously the matter eg egg bound etc He said she had lost alot of condition, which I knew as she is very thin. I mentioned fowl cholera and he mentioned that it could be something like that or pasteurella.

    He gave her a steroid injection which he said should pep her up and help her to build up her immunity and strength again as hopefully she will want to eat something.

    He also gave her 0.4ml of baytril which has to be administered orally twice daily so I still have this to do and I have to do this for 10 days.

    The cost was £17.42 which I didn't think was too bad for an examination and the medication."

    Hope you get your duck better.
    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfriends

    Posted 5 years ago #
  3. can't offer advice re the diet but the feet do sound like bumblefoot, a swelling will be uncomfy to walk on even if you can't see signs of infection, I think a trip to the vets would be a very good idea

    mo x
    Posted 5 years ago #

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