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Mixing Ducks and Hens

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  • Started 1 year ago by admin


  1. I've had an email from Russ about mixing ducks and hens.

    Hi ,
    I have recently bought 4 ducks from a farmer. 2 x khaki & 2x campbell.
    I have to keep them apart as the campbells wont let the khaki eat.
    These ducks appear to be ferrel.i.e difficult to catch etc.
    I am feeding them duck & geese layers pellets( although they are not eating alot) and wheat which is in a bucket of water.
    How long should i keep them apart.
    am I feeding the correct feed.
    when will they start laying.
    they have started going into their own coups of a night on their own.
    I have had them 2 weeks.
    please can you help as I am going at this blind.
    i also have 42 ex battery hens.
    Will I be able to mix ducks with hens and how should I do it
    Thank you

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