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Pigeon Eggs Disappeared

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  • Started 9 years ago by admin

  1. Hi All,

    I am often emailed about pigeon eggs and received this email from Lorraine enquiring about the pigeon eggs that were on her balcony.

    "Hi, we have had 2 pigeon eggs laid in our plantar, for the past week they have been taking it in turns to keep them warm but this morning i got up and the female pigeon looked all disorientated and flew away which she never does when we walk by - when i looked both the eggs were away! My partner left for work around 7am and he said she was still sitting quite the thing on her eggs so in the space of couple of hours they have somehow gone - could another bird have done this or them themselves for some reason? Also to say that it is juliette balcony style so its not a wide gap between railing and window - enough for plantar and no more so larger birds would struggle to get to it! We have always left them in peace - just looking on passing the window but became quite fond of watching them and they were used to us as never batted an eye at us! Just curious as to why this might have happened and is it likely they may come and lay more there? Sorry for big long drawn out email. Thanks. Lorraine."

    My response:

    Hi Lorraine,

    What you are describing at the start of your email is the behaviour of the pigeons when they are nesting. they lay two eggs and then the male and female take it in turns to sit on the eggs, the male in the daytime and the female at night.

    You say that the pigeon was disorientated, I wonder if she has been attacked by another bird and they have taken her eggs. Magpies and crows are notorious for doing this.

    If the pigeons feel that it's a safe and secluded place then they may come back and nest again.

    I will add you email to my farmingfriends forum and see what the other members think.

    Let me know if they come back.

    Kind regards

    sara @ farmingfriends

    I thought it was interesting that Lorraine had noted the male and female sitting on the eggs and the fact that they were sitting on two eggs whcih is the normal behaviour of pigeons when nesting.

    Sara @ farmingfriends

    Posted 9 years ago #

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